Wendy's Mind & Memory

Mind and Memory is formulated to support mental concentration and memory. It also helps supports healthy blood and oxygen supply.
I spend most of my life operating in my brain.  I spend the majority of my days researching and working with our labs.
I'm now in my 50's and became a wee bit disturbed by my forgetfulness on occasion.  Like trying to find my glasses when they're on my head or entering a room and forgetting what the heck I came out in that room for. 

Last year, one of our labs (my favorite them!) sent me a tincture THEY came up with.  I started taking it and totally noticed a difference (took a few months though...people want instant results..that's not how it works). 
I pride myself (okay, maybe pride is a bad word as a!) on being "sharp".  I was feeling a bit scattered...and scattered is not my thing...I was seriously getting concerned.
Anyhoo...the guy that started this lab is super educated and sharp as a tack (and works with some very well known people... most of you would recognize them if I mentioned them...people I greatly respect) and we get to work with him and his top notch crew of professionals.  I trusted them and started taking the tincture they sent me. 
It DOES work..but..I suggest you give it approximately 2-3 months.


Ginkgo Leaf, Gotu Kola Herb, Eleuthero Root, Peppermint Leaf

In a base of Certified Organic, gluten free and GMO-Free Alcohol and distilled water.

Suggested Use: 

Shake well before using. 1-2 dropper full in water or sublingually

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