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      Divine Remedy: Special Holy Water- Pediatric Fundraiser

      Divine Remedy: Special Holy Water- Pediatric Fundraiser

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      In a world where spiritual solace is sought amidst the chaos, the Special Holy Water emerges as a beacon of divine intervention, healing, hope & blessings. Drawn from hallowed sites, it carries the essence of divine grace and healing.

      The Holy Sources:

      • Lourdes: From the serene healing springs of Lourdes, France, where Saint Bernadette Soubirous beheld the miraculous apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, this water flows with the promise of hope and miraculous healing.
      • Fatima: Originating from the sacred grounds of Fatima, Portugal, where the Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherd children, this water embodies the call to repentance, prayer, and the transformative power of faith.
      • Medjugorje: From the mystical land of Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the Virgin Mary is said to have been appearing since 1981, this water resonates with messages of peace and reconciliation.
      • Jerusalem - Jordan River: Collected from the sacred waters of the Jordan River, where Jesus underwent baptism, this water symbolizes spiritual rebirth, purification, and the eternal connection between humanity and the divine.

      Divine Benediction: Blessed by Fr. Zlatko Sudac, a revered Croatian stigmatic priest whose life has been marked by extraordinary manifestations of divine grace, this holy water becomes a conduit for the tangible presence of God.  May we  experience the profound depths of divine love and mercy.

      Spiritual Armor- Exorcism blessing: This Special Holy Water is not only sanctified by the touch of divine grace but also fortified through the powerful prayers of exorcism. With the authority vested in it, this water becomes a shield against the forces of darkness, offering protection and deliverance to those who seek refuge.

      Connection to the Sacred-Touched to The True Cross Relic: Moreover, this holy water is intimately linked to the relic of the True Cross, a tangible reminder of Christ's ultimate sacrifice and triumph over sin and death. Through this sacred connection, it becomes a symbol of redemption and salvation, inviting believers to partake in the transformative power of Christ's love.

      In the convergence of these sacred elements—pure waters from holy sites, the blessing of a revered priest, the invocation of divine protection through the Exorcism blessing, and the connection to the salvific power of the True Cross—this Holy Water is a tangible expression of faith and a conduit for divine grace.

      For those who seek healing, protection, and spiritual renewal, it stands as a testament to the boundless mercy of God and the enduring presence of His love in our lives.

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