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      Survival Mint Oil

      Survival Mint Oil

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      We call it Survival Kit Mint Oil because if I had only one healing oil to have on hand for many uses, it would be this one!

      This mint oil is known to be antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial. We use a specially formulated combination of Therapeutic Peppermint and Spearmint oils then combine it with 100 percent Extra Virgin Olive Oil as our carrier oil.

      I suggest you keep it handy at all times as you can use it for cuts, bruises, strains, headaches and migraines, congestion, sores, infections...tons of things.

      Here are some ways you can use this Survival Kit Mint Oil:

      Airway infection & diseases

      Rub a small amount under your nose. The menthol in the oils will help open up your airways.

      Athlete’s foot / nail fungus

      Due to the anti fungal properties of the oil, it can help. Apply directly on affected area.


      Apply and massage on sore joints. The oils are known to increase blood circulation, decrease pain and increase range of motion.

      Canker and cold sores

      Thanks to the antiviral properties of the oils, it can help with these pesky problems! I have a few kids who are prone to getting these once in awhile. They are so painful! Dab the oil directly on as soon as the first symptoms occur and repeat as needed.


      Very helpful when trying to stay awake and focused!

      Drowsiness/loss of focus and concentration

      Cool, uplifting and revitalizing! Inhale from bottle or apply under your nose. You can also massage on the back of your neck. I recently read that there are teachers in Japan that use mint oil in their class rooms because they noticed an increase in students’ performances.

      Ear ache

      Take a cotton swab and dip in the oil for inside the ear. Do NOT drop oil directly into ear canal.


      It is best to apply this directly to the forehead. In addition, you may want to also put it behind the ears and the neck.

      Hair and skin care

      A great idea is to add a few drops to shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotions.

      Mint always makes one feel and smell clean extra clean! It will also help cleanse pores.

      Headaches and migraines

      My number 1 use for this oil! Apply directly on the temples, across the forehead, on the scalp for pain relief. I had always been skeptical that this could work until I tried it!.

      Insect bites and wounds

      Apply on injury or bite for pain relief, anti-swelling, anti- itching and to promote healing.


      Add to bathwater by saturating a teaspoon of sea salt or table salt with the Survival Kit Mint Oil

      or you may apply directly to your skin.


      Apply a small amount of peppermint underneath nose. Let me tell you, this was a huge help with my morning sickness!

      Pest control (great for getting rid of ants, bees, mice, spiders, wasps, etc!)

      Mice and other many other pests do not like the smell of peppermint! Heavily soak cotton balls with the special mint oil and place in problem areas. This will discourage critters them from making a visit. For bees and wasps: spray with mint oil and water (we will be offering the spray in the near future)

      Sinus congestion/snoring

      Apply mint oil under the nose, across forehead and the chest area. For children you can apply a few drops on a wash cloth and put inside their pillowcase at bedtime.


      Apply and massage on painful areas.


      Soak a cotton ball with oil and place on the affected area. If not strong enough, pour oil directly on hurting tooth. You can also add to your toothbrush or toothpaste!

      This Survival Mint Oil comes in a 15 ml shatter proof container, readily available and there when you need it in a hurry! Keep one in your emergency kit and one in your vehicle, purse, etc.

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