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      Good Samaritan Shampoo Bar

      Good Samaritan Shampoo Bar

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      Yes, I actually have my own shampoo bar as you can see in the picture. I'm picky about what goes on my head because the skin absorbs all the gunk in the cheap stuff. Not only that..I couldn't find any shampoo that would give me the body and the lift I needed for my hair.

      THIN HAIR? NO HAIR? You don't even have to have much hair to use balding husband uses it! Okay, okay...I've already heard that grass doesn't grow on a busy street! Well..this is good for those who have a "busy street" and those of us who don't!

      THICK HAIR? LIMP HAIR? The shampoo bar does NOT weigh down your hair. I have very thick hair and it makes it even more full. I guess it's a good thing the 80's hair is coming back! With a little bit of hair spray, I can get this mop o' mine to stand a good foot away from my head (I'm only "kind of" joking!) Walt has a few hairs and even they are more full....although not a foot away from his!

      BOTTOM LINE: The Shampoo Bar has an amazing foaming ability and will not weigh your hair down. It smells great, it's healthy for you and IT WORKS! I like to joke that I go from Flat to Farrah in Forty Seconds :-) Give it a try to fully understand its awesomeness!


      WHAT IS IT MADE OF? It is a solid bar made with the same ratio of beneficial essential oils as our Good Samaritan Oil. 

      It has no preservatives (no liquid content so it doesn't need any)!

      WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE? A little bit of Heaven!
      The essential oils have been specifically blended for their natural and gentle cleaning properties.


      HOW WELL DOES IT CLEAN? Better than any Shampoo I have ever used and I'm not just saying that because it's mine! I get out of the shower and my hair is shiny, clean and full...almost as full-figured as I used to be! I guess you could say I kept the "full-figure" hair!

      WHAT ABOUT THE WEE ONES? It's perfectly safe for the wee ones, too! You don't have to worry about nasty things such as Quaternium-15 which is a preservative used in many, many shampoo's..even baby shampoos! Read the'll be shocked! This nasty ingredient has caused many to develop contact dermatitis...especially babies! I know first hand as most of my children are very "fair" and broke out from a leading baby shampoo many years ago. I finally found out what the culprit was...preservatives!

      DOES IT LATHER UP WELL? This solid soap bar foams like crazy, so if you like a good, thick lather..get ready!

      HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? My bar typically lasts 2 months (give or take!) That actually SAVES YOU MONEY!

      PACKAGING: Each Bar is MADE FRESH just for you and tucked into an all natural cotton bag.

      HOW TO USE: Wet your hair and the shampoo bar. Gently rub the shampoo bar down your hair a few times so you get some on each side and the back.You may need additional swipes depending on hair volume (I do several). Work into a lather and rinse thoroughly. Keep your shampoo bar in a cool, dry place between uses. I use a mug and put it on a shelf in the bathroom.

      USE IT FOR SHAVING! Because it lathers so well, it works great for shaving, too!

      PS...It is my belief that making solid shampoo's are better because it means they can be preservative-free. This is one of the most effective cleansing and conditioning Shampoo Bars that I've ever put on my head!

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