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      "BenOp" Sacramental package

      "BenOp" Sacramental package

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      Read why I put this package together for you and what "BenOp" means, read below!  We NEED to equip the faithful!

      This package includes:

      *Holy Water in a stainless steel flask (you can attach it to something if you wish as it has a special clasp at the top). These stainless steel flasks are very high quality!  Will be filled with Holy water for you.

      *Blessed Salt (that will be given the exorcism blessing).  With information on how and when to use.

      *St. Benedict medal that will be given the  exorcism blessing for you.  We all know how powerful these are!

      *Holy Oil that will be given the exorcism blessing (top has a loop if you would like to attach it to anything)

      *St. Michael Holy Card

      NOTE:  Blessings are given AFTER purchase.  You are not buying blessed items. We need to make these available to the faithful as they are spiritual weapons!


      The term Benedict Option (I call it BenOp) was coined by Rod Dreher.  He basically said it is “pioneering forms of dropping out of a barbaric mainstream culture that has grown hostile to our fundamental values.”

      St. Benedict was THE LIGHT!  The light that was needed in the late fifth century in Rome!  A time much like our own.  He withdrew into a cave (and I feel like doing the same on many days!) ..but...not for long..God needed him.  His light shone so brightly that large numbers were drawn to him.

      Obviously, I feel like the remnant is now being drawn into a similar situation. 

      What can you do?  Plenty if you are willing!  It's not going to be is going to be worthy!

      Fr. Richard Heilman runs a spiritual bootcamp of sorts and I am blessed to be part of it.  What I learn from him, and the other priests I'm friends with, I pass on to you!

      That being said, today he spoke about sacramentals for the upcoming times and a "calm resolve" to take action!  He said we have been lulled into spiritual slumber and we to wake up...and quickly!

      He went on to say that the on fire Catholics are the ones that "...embraced and loved the sacraments, devotions and sacramentals of our amazing Catholic faith. They love and appreciate these as the beautiful jewels of our Catholic faith."


      They are the ones who, "...have their homes adorned with such things as crucifixes and pictures of the Holy Family; these are the ones whose prayer life is alive with the many practices and devotions we inherited from mighty saints before us. These are the ones who talk openly about God to family and friends on a regular basis. These are the ones who cannot leave home without rosary in hand, as they depend upon the power of such things as Holy Water and Blessed Salt and Benedict Medals. These are the ones who frequent Confession, understanding that a collection of small sins leaves them prone to commit the bigger ones. These are the ones who dedicate their lives and the lives of their family to the mission(s) of their parish. These are the ones who truly live “God fearing” lives, as every decision they make is weighed against whether it is pleasing to God, as they fear ever disappointing God, who they love so much!"

      AMEN, to such brave priests who will be leading us through a time that will be talked about in the future.  WE are the BRAVE remnant who will support these priests and follow.

      Let devoted and resolute souls, who love every jewel of our Catholic faith, inspire and help others who are "fast asleep"!

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