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      Prayer Card- St. Monica for wayward children (Package of 10)

      Prayer Card- St. Monica for wayward children (Package of 10)

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      Package of ten (10) Prayer Cards!

      The digital copy of this prayer card can be found here E-Prayer Card - St. Monica for wayward children

      Make no mistake... there is a battle on for the souls of our children.
      We chose Saint Monica as our intercessor as she never gave up on her son and over years of prayer was able to help steer his life towards God.
      We all want the same for our children!
      A crown has been fashioned for them in heaven..we must never give up!
      Yes, it is a hard job...and we are here to offer support.
      This is a spiritual battle we can't afford to lose♡
      We also offer a support group on FaceBook

      While no one said it would be easy, sometimes parents just need a venue to share with other parents and receive spiritual support.

      St Monica Club & Support Group, was formed so YOU have loving support and other parents who will join you in praying for your child(ren).


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