Peaceful Sleep

As I get older, I find that sometimes I'm so "wired" that I can't sleep.  One of the worst feelings is to watch the clock tick...1 am, 2 am..hmm..wonder if the rest of the world is sleeping...I'm sure not!

Our lab has a wonderful master herbalist that mixed us this liquid magic! Well, it's not really "magic"'s all natural herbs that God has provided us uptight humans with :)

It's a mixture of sedative, muscle relaxing and nervine herbs.  You can actually take it for muscle spasms and anxiety, too!  

Seriously, good stuff!  An all around "multi-use" blend to have on hand! 

Within 10 minutes I generally feel my body begin to feel like putty.

I take 4 dropperfuls when needed in a small glass of water.

If you are taking it for anxiety or muscle spasms and you need to stay awake..I recommend 1-2 dropperfuls in a small glass of water or juice.

This little magical tincture can serve to calm you or send you off to la la land :)  It all depends on how much you take.

Contains a proprietary blend of:  Valerian Root, Passionflower, Hops Strobule, Tilia Star, Chamomile, Fresh Skullcap HerbCrampbark, Jamaican Dogwood Root Bark, Lavender


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