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      Cukierski Family

      Our Book - A Family on a Mission

      Our Book - A Family on a Mission

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      A digital copy of this book can be found here Our Book - A Family on a Mission [E-Book]

      Why did I leave Holy Mother Church?

      What caused my tearful return?

      What did we discover that pointed us back to the one true faith?

      This hardcover book, with copious amounts of full color photos of our archaeological finds on our farm, reveals all.

      The hurt, the struggle, and eventually the joy!


      Our family has been blessed to live on the first Jesuit mission site to the Oneida Iroquois Indians in the 1600’s.

      This book tells our story and shows you all of our many archeological finds

      During our research, we found many holy people who drew their last breath on our farm. The Jesuits kept very detailed journals and notes.

      St. Kateri Tekakwitha may have passed through our land, as well.  The missionary priest who was on our land, Fr. Bruyas, was one of the priests who discovered her.

      This hard cover book is many things...a museum at your finger tips, the story of how this land brought me (and my entire family) back to the Catholic faith, a story of a ton of "God-incidences", a story of the super natural, a story of the miraculous.

      We will also include a 350+ year old glass trade bead from our archaeological digs on our farm (like the ones featured on page 9 and 10 of the book).

      An explanation sheet and Holy Card will be included.



      A final note:

      Our family self published this book and it was extremely expensive, but we knew God was calling us to do it.

      Yes, we could have done a cheap black and white paperback, but we wanted folks to be able to have a "museum at their fingertips".

      No, we are NOT making any money on fact we are including a glass trade bead recovered on this very holy land.

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