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      Liver Cleanse

      Liver Cleanse

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      If you are over the age of 30, I beg you to do a liver cleanse. 

      Your first line of defense against toxins and disease is your liver!  If you cleanse nothing else, please cleanse your liver.

      I have many medical professionals who agree with me that disease is caused when our body becomes toxic. 

      Our bodies are bombarded daily by contamination from the air, food, water, radiation, stress and other harmful things.   Don't get me going about the GMO's, EMF's and other things we didn't have to worry about way back when.

      The toxins we encounter in our daily lives severely suppress our internal self-healing mechanism. 

      The Top 5 Reasons you NEED a Liver Cleanse

      1) Weight Loss

      2) Eliminate Liver Stones

      3) Detox your body

      4) Increase your energy

      5) Look and feel 5 years younger

      Please, watch this 5 minute video for further explanation of each reason.  It may just change your life ;)

      Your liver is like an oil filter in your car that gets clogged up.  The ultimate secret to health is keeping your inside "clean".

      The chance of disease goes up dramatically when we do not address this issue.

      The secret again is to keep the inside of your body clean!

      A nice side benefit is that most folks lose weight after doing a liver cleanse. 

      The liver processes and breaks down fat and it can't do it's job if it is not working properly.  In fact, I know of folks who couldn't lose the weight until they did the cleanse first.

      If your liver is clean, all the toxins and chemicals can be processed and eliminated easier which will PROTECT YOUR BODY FROM SICKNESS AND DISEASE.

      This will lead to increased energy.  I'm not saying you'll have the energy of a 5 year will feel a difference.  I'm not even sure I want the energy of a 5 year old now that I'm watching my youngest run in circles in my office :)

      Your "outside" is a reflection of what is going on in the "inside". 

      When I started my health journey and started cleansing, my acne cleared up and I literally had a different "look" (some called it a "glow").  My "insides" were being freed of "gunk" (the not so medical term....but we all get it!)

      I have had folks who haven't seen me in over a decade and they all say I look younger now than I did 10 years ago.  I tend to agree when I look back at the pictures.   Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse (and take care of your skin, of course :)

      This tincture is a potent cleanse for supporting and detoxifying the liver and gall bladder. It contains an ORGANIC therapeutic blend of the following:  Milk Thistle herb,Turmeric root, Oregon Grape root, Dandelion root ,Licorice root, Fennel seed



       Your liver is your prime fat burning organ and it's also your prime detoxification organ. So, when your liver is overwhelmed with toxins (which is very common) it makes it challenging for your poor liver to get around to ever burning fat. When this happens, weight loss is very matter what you do. This is one of the reasons most people struggle to lose weight.

      You need to ease your liver's detoxification burden so it can efficiently burn fat.  How do you do this?  You do this by detoxifying your liver.  I also suggest fasting (but that is another article).

      For maintenance keep your lifestyle chemical-free and your diet as close to nature as possible. Processed foods need to be kicked to curb.  If your great grandmother didn't eat shouldn't either.   Chemicals..whether ingested, breathed or otherwise create a burden on our liver (that often leads to disease) and makes it very hard for us to lose weight. The herbs in our liver help cleanse your liver.

      Directions:  Take 1-2 DROPPERS in water or juice, one to three times a day.  I recommend one bottle per person for a cleanse.


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