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      Let Our Family Adopt You!

      Let Our Family Adopt You!

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      Yes, those are my two youngest in the picture, and our entire family wants to adopt you!

      So, what what do I mean when I ask to adopt YOU?

      We want to adopt you and pray for you by name EVERY DAY...our entire family of 15.

      We gather twice each day and will pray for you and your intentions.

      We only ask that you sign up to give a monthly donation to our Pediatric Giving Mission each month. 

      When you get there, hit on "subscription" and then email me your intention(s) and we will begin praying immediately!

      You will also receive a gift from us, each month!

      Our pediatric giving mission is always in need of funds, and folks are always in need of prayer.

      I have witnessed the POWER of prayer, from a non verbal child who finally spoke his first words at 4 years old to a child who was unable to walk who stood up and started running...not walking, running!
      I witnessed it first hand because I am the mother!

      You may have read my previous newsletters about he couple we prayed for who conceived a baby after a decade of infertility (they named her Philomena), or the autistic child who uttered his first word, "mama" at the age of 9...his mother wrote us to thank us for praying.

      A friend had a sibling with stomach cancer and she was distraught, they only had each other. Her sister made a full recovery.

      The miracles go on and on...miracles happen daily, if only we pray.

      God does answer, sometimes with a yes and sometimes with a no...but I have witnessed so many "yes's"

      Maybe it is the prayers of my wee ones? I am convinced Jesus can not resist those innocent, heartfelt prayers.
      Let us adopt you!

      Use the "drop down box" above to choose your monthly donation amount.  

      We will send YOU a SPECIAL GIFT for your help in helping us to help others & PRAYER for your intentions, TWICE DAILY! 


      Sometimes we have an impromptu Mass offered in our home, when a priest friend visits. We will always remember YOU!

      -A few of the wee ones we've helped-




      Please note that although we are a ministry, we have not sought charity status. 

      The free programs are run almost entirely on orders placed for our products and our family "tithing".  

      The occasional donation received is greatly appreciated as it helps us to continue helping others in need.


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