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      Holy Relic Oil of The True Cross

      Holy Relic Oil of The True Cross

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      Funds go to help children through our Pediatric Giving Missions

      A VERY HARD to find and rare Holy Oil!
      The True Cross has been responsible for healings and incredible miracles for many centuries.


      This oil has been touched to the first class relic of the TRUE CROSS as our gift to you! Read the power of the True Cross below!

      How to use:  You may bless yourself, or someone else, with this special Holy oil. You may also wish to place a drop on a physical injury. Some of the greatest miracles are worked through the humble instrument of this Holy oil! An important point to remember is that there must be faith in the person praying and in the person prayed for.

      This package comes with a bottle of this special oil, a Holy card and information sheet.



      TESTIMONIAL: "I want to thank you. I am a breast cancer survivor and have really felt the peace that the blessed ointment brings. Thank you so much. Emily S."


      Did you know that the TRUE CROSS is the same cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on? It was discovered by St. Helena. At the age of 80, St. Helena led a group to the Holy Land to search for the TRUE CROSS and unearthed three crosses in 326.

      Saint Macarius suggested that St. Helena should take a piece of the True Cross to a woman afflicted with an incurable disease.  She was immediately cured and it was pronounced the True Cross. She built a church on the spot where the cross was found.


      Please Note:  Funds from the Spiritual Items we offer are used for the Giving Missions which provides for pediatric medical needs as well as other needs.  Our motto is “Reaching Hearts For Christ Through Meeting Physical Needs”.
      You can read more about our Giving Missions by clicking HERE.

      Also Note:  Only certain items are taken to be blessed before mailing as our gift.

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