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      Frankincense & Myrrh Stick Incense-3 month supply

      Frankincense & Myrrh Stick Incense-3 month supply

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      Father Gabriele Amorth - the Church's leading exorcist, highly recommends the burning of this in your home.

      Each stick is hand made by a master incense craftsman. This liturgical incense is made with pure frankincense & cheap artifical or petroleum based ingredients. This is the real deal and very high quality. Each stick is well saturated when made so they have an excellent burn time of over one hour (perfect for daily devotion time). It will fill your home with a holy fragrance that lends itself to prayer and meditation.

      Your 30 day supply of incense comes with instructions and a free St. Michael Holy Relic Card!

      Why is incense recommended for home use?

      The use of incense in the ancient world was common, especially in religious rites where it was used to keep demons away.

      By its burning it symbolizes the zeal with which the faithful should be animated; by its sweet fragrance, the odor of Christian virtue; by its rising smoke, the ascent of prayer before the throne of the Almighty.It will aid you in attaining true fervor. As St. John tells us in the Book of Revelation: "The smoke of the incense of the prayers of the saints ascended before God from the hand of the Angel."


      Each package includes a 3 month supply (3 packages of 30 Sticks of Incense) and a Free Holy Relic Card.



      Excerpted from Fr. Saunders: The use of incense in the ancient world was common, especially in religious rites where it was used to keep demons away!

      The purpose of incensing and the symbolic value of the smoke is that of purification and sanctification.

      The smoke symbolizes the prayers of the faithful drifting up to heaven: the Psalmist prays, “Let my prayer come like incense before you; the lifting up of my hands, like the evening sacrifice” (Psalm 141). Incense also creates the ambiance of heaven: The Book of Revelation describes the heavenly worship as follows: “Another angel came in holding a censer of gold. He took his place at the altar of incense and was given large amounts of incense to deposit on the altar of gold in front of the throne, together with the prayers of all God’s holy ones. From the angel’s hand, the  smoke of the incense went up before God, and with it the prayers of God’s people.”



      Thanks Wendy! Love....Love....Love this incense! I light a stick before I go to bed....say a few prayers....and off to sleep I go....I sleep better than I have in years! Thanks!!!! God Bless You! - C. Lasita


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