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      Cukierski Family

      Wendy's Germ Away Hand Sanitizer

      Wendy's Germ Away Hand Sanitizer

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      If you want protection, you've found it...

      This hand sanitizer is like no other! It contains the same powerful ingredients as those found in the 4 Thieves Spray, but is made for your hands. Not only will it help sanitize your hands, it will provide you with protection against germs, viruses, etc.


      --According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 80% of all infectious illnesses are spread by the hands. We suggest carrying one of these on you and using the Four Thieves Spray as well

      --Most folks don't realize that hand sanitizers have no residual germ-killing effect. They do kill germs on contact, but once it is evaporated, the germ killing action has stopped! In less than 2 minutes, your common store hand sanitizer has stopped working. Ours is different as we use the powerful Four Thieves formula in our hand sanitizer to give you a residual germ-killing effect that the common hand sanitizer can not.

      --Where do the germs go? The alcohol in our hand sanitizer breaks down the germs' cell walls causing them to die. The Four Thieves formula we add is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.*

      This formula provides powerful, germ-killing therapeutic grade essential oils for your battle against bacteria, germs, fungi and/or viruses. .We suggest using it all year long.




      Ideas for use: For the most complete coverage, we suggest getting this Four Thieves Hand Sanitizer along with the Four Thieves Spray (listed at the top of the page). We offer a special combo pack below.

      Bring it to work, send it to school with your kids..We have teacher's who won't leave home without it...because it works!




      A bit of background into how the Four Thieves Products we offer came about: In 1413, the bubonic plague decimated Europe. During that time, there were four thieves who robbed the dead and dying victims of the Black Death. When they were captured, they were told they must reveal how they resisted contracting the deadly plague. It was obvious that they had some type of special resistance. They explained that one of them was an herbalist and he revealed the special concoction of herbs that they rubbed on their clothes, hands,hair, face, etc. To prove is this was true, they were taken from prison and forced to bury the dead with the promise that if they lived, they would go free. They lived and everyone then knew it was true.

      In today's modern scientific world, it is known that most viruses, fungi, and bacteria cannot live in the presence of many essential oils, especially those high in phenols, carcacrol, thymol, and terpenes. All of Our "Grandma's Four Thieves Products" contain a THERAPEUTIC GRADE blend of those oils! A nearly identical blend was tested at Weber State University (1997) for its potent antimicrobial properties and found to have a 99.96 percent effectiveness rate against airborne bacteria.


      This is a very special little guy named Fulton and his mom has been using our Four Thieves
      products on him.
      He was severely burned and they didn't even know if he would survive.  It's been a long journey from the ventilator to where he is today.  Yet, there is still a long way for him to go.  Please, keep Fulton and the entire Poppe family in your prayers.
      We received a note from his mom, Cassandra.
      She directed me to her Blog Post (read here ) and I began to read and then cried. 
      Here are some excerpts: 
       Terrified he would have yet another large area to deal with, I took a huge leap of faith and started applying THIS product.  It is the Mom of 13's 4 Thieves Germ Away Hand Sanitizer, of all things.  

      ..this is actually keeping his head wounds at bay.  Once these spots go bad, the larger ones never heal, so this breakthrough is truly a Godsend to Fulton. 

      Words cannot adequately describe how THRILLED I am...
      ...a special thank you goes out to Wendy Cukierski for creating such a wonderfully effective product.  I don't know why it works, since we still do not know what is causing this to begin with, and all labs come back as negative for fungal, viral and bacterial infections.  But it works.  And that is all I care about. 
      I have no doubt it was a sign from God that I can still help heal even if I haven't found time to get back to college/medical school.  I believe it is a "calling" and I am here to serve you.
      I want to do so much more to relieve suffering :)

      Could you kindly tell at least one person about us today!  GOD BLESS YOU!  Wendy C.
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