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      Wendy's Bug Juice

      Wendy's Bug Juice

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      This stuff works so well, I am giving it three thumbs up!

      This is an all natural bug-repellent featuring our Four Thieves Formula, lemon eucalyptus and a variety of other bug-repelling essential oils. The perfect alternative to toxic DEET!

      I made believers out of all my relatives during our 4th of July gathering, one year!

      It had been wet and rainy here (to the point of massive floods)

      This of course means mosquitoes are thriving.

      In fact, we have ponds and streams on the farm which gives these little blood suckers plenty of breeding ground!

      That being said, we went down to the lower field to have our cookout (which is by our farm pond) and noticed
      swarms of those little nasty blood loving insects.  I whipped out my bottle of Four Thieves Bug Juice and sprayed all of the kids and grand kids.  I only had to reapply it once (it's good for 2-3 hours). 

      Towards the end of the evening, my nieces and other relatives were asking for it as they were getting eaten alive.
      My teenage nieces were impressed on how good it smelled and then they were impressed that the mosquitoes left them alone almost immediately!

      Long story short......we spent all evening in mosquito heaven and none of my kids or grand kids got a bite!  Not one!

      We  hit a major home run with this one!
      Bye, bye deet!  Bye, bye mosquitoes...You're evil and this stuff trumps evil!  :)

      Packed with powerful essential oils (including our Four Thieves Blend!) that keep the biting and stinging bugs at bay!  Comes in a handy 4 oz. spray bottle.

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