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      Crucifixes touched to the True Cross-package of 3

      Crucifixes touched to the True Cross-package of 3

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      Touched to the True Cross for you!
      A certificate of authenticity is included with the package!

      This is classified as a third class relic
      (It is permissible and encouraged by Holy Mother Church to distribute third class relics!)


      It is a very significant Sacramental

      We have a collection of these crucifixes that have been touched to the True Cross. They range in size from 1 1/2" to 2" and are Silver (we can not guarantee a specific crucifix, but they are all very similar and beautiful!)

      They can be used as pendants, carried in your pocket or put on your rosary. A constant reminder of His love. This is a unique crucifix that only this apostolate offers.

      As mentioned, your crucifixes will be touched to the True Cross for you! Your package will include THREE (3) crucifixes, a Certificate of authenticity, a beautiful Holy Card and we will also send a FREE surprise Holy Medal,too!

      Did you know that the True Cross is the same cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on? It was discovered by St. Helena. At the age of 80, St. Helena led a group to the Holy Land to search for the True Cross and unearthed three crosses in 326.

      Saint Macarius suggested that St. Helena should take a piece of the True Cross to a woman afflicated with an incurable disease. She was immediately cured and it was pronounced the True Cross. She built a church on the spot where the cross was found.

      TESTIMONIAL: "Today I received my order, and the items are far more beautiful than shown online. Thanks so much! I converted to Catholicism years ago and sacramentals like these make me praise God for the Faith more and more. Thanx again and God bless,Terri Neal"

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