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      Colon Sweep Cleanse

      Colon Sweep Cleanse

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      UPDATE: We have reformulated and have a new, better, and MORE EFFECTIVE product that we call Colon Sweep! 

      The state of one's intestines is probably not something most folks talk about, yet it is important. Let's face it: Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, gas, diverticulitis and colon cancer are simply not things we like to discuss. As the old expression goes, death begins in the colon. Autopsies have revealed colons that are plugged up to 80 percent with waste material. Why let that happen when you can do something about it?

      Why is it Important to Detox Your Body?
      The body undergoes a lot of wear and tear both inside and outside so it is important to ensure that the body is taken care of in order to compensate for this. Just like a car engine which needs to be serviced and have its oil removed and changed, the body also has to be detoxified in order for it to function properly and to promote general health and well being. During the course of an individual's life they ingest a variety of foods; some of which are healthy and some of which are not so healthy. The fact is that not all of this food is successfully absorbed by the body as nutrients and not all of it is discharged out of the body as waste products, there are always remnants and these remnants become toxins that are left in the bowel and colon of the body. Over a long period of time, this can have some adverse effects on the body if these toxins are not removed.

      Detoxifying the body becomes even more important if you indulge in things such as cigarettes, junk food and alcoholic beverages. These things make it even more difficult for the natural detoxifying mechanism of the body to work and it makes it even more important for you to take steps to rid yourself of the toxins that are being accumulated in your body.

      A lot of the foods which most people eat on a daily basis have a very high acidic content which can have a negative effect on the body if this acidity is allowed to accumulate in the body without being removed at some point. It is necessary for the body's alkaline PH balance to be restored in order to aid the renewal and repair of cells and to promote general well being and a short detox program can do this for you. It is not only important to detoxify the body, it is necessary to do so as regularly as possible in order to maximize the benefits that are obtained from doing so.

      Furthermore, purifying and keeping your body clean through detoxification is the best way to avoid colon diseases, as well as maintaining a healthy bloodstream and heart. The important thing to remember about toxins is the fact that they are absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to other parts of the body and can lead to a variety of health issues because the body's immunity against disease is weakened by the presence of toxins and waste. So a detox program is highly essential in order to aid the body's ability to fight off disease.

      Besides the fact that detoxifying your body can help you avoid health problems, there are also a variety of benefits that it can have on your body. It has been advocated by medical specialists that detoxifying your body will improve your levels of physical fitness and promote youthfulness. Participating in a regular detox program will also improve the appearance of your skin and give you more energy and vitality.

      The main point to remember is that detoxifying the body is not something to be done occasionally, but something to be done on a regular basis. There is a lot to gain from detoxifying your body and absolutely nothing to lose. It is also easy and affordable to do so; making it an absolute must.


      This proprietary blend works together to support your body's natural cleansing process.

      NOTE: The manufacturer of our product is GMP-certified! GMP certification ensures that the facility is following guidelines that are regulated by the FDA. In addition, we are able to tap into the knowledge of a team of research assistants and experts from various fields of nutrition. This is very important to us as we want to bring you only the best and safest health products that truly work!



      At least 2 times a year. Personally, I opt to do the colon cleanse 4 times a year with the change of seasons (every 3 months). However this isn't a steadfast rule. It's important to pay attention to our bodies and see if we need a cleanse very frequently or infrequently. Remember lifestyle and diet have a lot to do with this. So someone who's generally very healthy may not need a cleanse as often as someone with very poor habits and a destructive lifestyle.

      So if you take detoxifying seriously and improve your lifestyle, diet and perform colon cleanses when necessary you may find you will need them less frequently as time passes. Our Colon Cleanse is formulated to be very thorough and you should see results in just days! It is strong and effective, yet gentle. It's easy, too! Just take 2 capsules in the morning or before bed (I prefer before bedtime).

      I recommend doing a colon cleanse for a minimum of 2 weeks at a time.


      ".Would like to thank you for my last order... (my first!) as well as comment that I was very impressed and pleased with the quality of your merchandise; thus, I'm back all ready for more! Also wish to mention your son did a superb job in filling and shipping our order ~~ please thank him for us, we were very impressed and grateful for all the good service we received. Best wishes and many blessings to you and yours, Tammi Cantrell

      "Hi Wendy: I'm using this now and it is great. I will be ordering more. Thanks again for offering such great, natural products. H. Russell"

      " I have never done anything like this before. I felt it really helped. Donna T."

      " This made me feel better and I lost weight. Thank you for all your wonderful products. They really do work. Rose Smith"

      "Good evening Wendy and family!
      I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful items that you have on your website.  In October 2013 I was diagnosed with Infectious Colitis and told to stick to a very restrictive diet (gluten-free, bean free, and dairy free), drink plenty of alkaline water, and take fiber supplements as well as other vitamins and minerals.  Since I already had ordered but had not tried your Colon Cleanse, I thought why not start it now.  Well I can tell you taking the Colon Cleanse daily has kept my colitis from flaring up whenever I eat something that is restricted.  My doctors are even impressed by my rapid recovery.  Again thank you for all the research and love that goes into making these products.  I just ordered another bottle of Colon Cleanse because I am running out.
      God Bless you and your family.  Tracy McPherson

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