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      Catholic & Natural Health Gift Bag- Pediatric Fundraiser

      Catholic & Natural Health Gift Bag- Pediatric Fundraiser

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      Folks seem to love our grab bags! In fact, they often tell us that if felt like Christmas when they opened it! 

      We will include a nice assortment of Sacramental and Natural Health items.

      No two packages are alike!

      We have some unique things on hand that only those who order this package will receive


      Dear Walt, Wendy and Blessings. Thank you so much for the Catholic Grab Bag. One of the items it contained was a black, flat-bead St. Benedict Rosary. I had to laugh when I saw it, because a few months back, I had purchased one from the Internet, and just loved it. However, after praying a Series of Rosary Novenas for a priest friend of mine, Our Lady asked me to give it to him. Reluctantly, I obeyed, but refused to let myself regret. So, when my grab bag arrived with the same rosary, only this time with 35 Blessings including an exorcism blessing, and was touched to 61 rare relics, I was more than casually reminded of the faithfulness of Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother. Here I had received so much more than I had given. Wendy, my dear friend, I don't normally do this, however, if you wish to read a remarkable book on the Rosary, I highly recommend "The New Rosary in Scripture," by Edward Sri, ISBN: 1-56955-384-X. I am no spring chicken, but this opened my eyes and changed my entire outlook on this powerful and wonderful prayer. May God richly bless you, and all your blessings, and re-blessings. Love,  Kathleen Gallant




      We do what we say we do!
      God bless you for considering this Fundraiser

      The needs of the Pediatric Giving Mission are increasing by the day... the requests keep pouring in and we are down to just a handful of helpers.

      Yes, we use funds from orders to provide for this, but I have been running such crazy specials that sometimes there is little to nothing left over.

      As you know, we provide gas and grocery gift cards for those dealing with a gravely or terminally ill child..we have paid for surgeries, special formulas and diets, mortgages and rent (we have even had families stay with us), provided transportation, etc.

      ---Some of the many wee ones we've helped---

      ---HELP IF YOU CAN----

      Here is a post, from a recipient of what we do,.

      L**** and I were one of the precipitants of This mission. She is right. My parking was 9 per day for 3 months. Then on top of that food cost me approximately 15 per day. That was cheap - I got vouchers for $5.00 per meal. So somedays I did not eat or made meals last for more then one meal. Had to. Parking was $810. Food was $1,300. Then you have normal household bills and I have 3 animals I had to pay to have people come and take care of them. At first I had my dog in the Kennel for 1/2 the time. That was about 500. It is VERY expensive to have a sick child. That was Just ONE hospital stay. We have had numerous ones. Some only a few days, some a week or two. Without their help we would of gone fully under!

      From providing necessary funds to actually having families stay with us...we DO what we say we do!


      -----From a physician we help...he sees to the medical needs of children no one else seems to be able to help ❤️-----





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