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      Blood Pressure tincture

      Blood Pressure tincture

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      Elevated blood pressure (high BP) or hypertension is a major risk factor for a heart attack or stroke. In fact, it is generally regarded as the most significant risk factor for stroke. More than 60 million Americans have high BP...those are some staggering numbers!

      Drugs to lower blood pressure are among the most commonly prescribed medicines in the U.S.  All of the current classes of blood pressure lowering drugs possess significant side effects.

      My husband (Walt) has always had an issue with his BP.  He is now off all BP medication!  How?  Well, we addressed his issue on many levels.  In addition to herbal tinctures, we had a change in lifestyle to help get those numbers where they should be.  This included reducing stress ( Catholic's...rosaries daily have definitely helped!), avoiding alcohol, tobacco, and/or caffeine, increasing consumption of potassium and magnesium, regular exercise (even just walking will help, we try for 10k steps a day), adequate sleep, and greatly reducing sugars and grains (I am sugar and grain free...he's working on it). 

      All of these things can help to bring your blood pressure back to normal level...for those whose blood pressure is in the first level of hypertension. For those who have been on hypertensive medication, do not reduce your medication without consulting with your personal medical practitioner.

      Our herbal tincture is a synergistic blend of:

      Hawthorn - I love hawthorn.  The flowers, berries, and inner bark can all be used medicinally. 

       It takes a while to fully take effect but its effects are permanent and curative. It reduces blood pressure, tones and strengthens the pulse, the heart, and the vascular system, and is a diuretic.

      Linden -  this does everything the hawthorn does and is also a relaxant, and an antispasmodic.  It’s the leaves and flowers that are used in herbal medicine.

      Yarrow - The yarrow flowers and leaves reduce blood pressure, act as a diuretic and vascular tonic, strengthen the lungs, support the liver, reduce spasms, and increase blood flow. 

      Motherwort - Motherwort is an excellent herb for soothing the nervous system and heart -- helping to regulate palpitations and high blood pressure while easing stress. It has many other benefits too. Symptoms of PMS, menopause, multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue are reduced as well. Known as a longevity herb in China, motherwort has a broad range of useful applications.

      Motherwort also quiets and balances the nervous system...easing spasms and lifting the mood

      Bacopa - Bacopa  is used as a treatment for dementia and it can treat high blood pressure problem safely. The herb can affect cerebral blood flow and can regulate BP. It helps to cleanse and repair the nervous system.

      Studies have shown it to reduce stress and BP. A study in 1984 on patients suffering from stress and mental fatigue was done. The patients were given the herb for four weeks and it was observed that the herb was able to decrease systolic BP.

      Celery seed - contains an important compound known as 3-n-butylphthalide.  3nB was discovered as the active component of celery in response to investigations by researchers seeking to explain some of the medicinal effects of celery, including the lowering of blood pressure and the relief of arthritis. 3nB first drew significant scientific attention when researchers at the University of Chicago Medical Center identified it as the factor in celery responsible for the blood pressure lowering effect of celery.

      Subsequent animal studies found that a very small amount of 3nB lowered blood pressure by 12 to 14 percent and also lowered cholesterol by about 7 percent.  No side effects were reported.

      Jujube - traditional medicine for anxiety

      Rosehips -  a natural diuretic, has powerful antioxidants, and increases the nitric oxide in the body which allow blood vessels to relax. 

      Excellent advice if you have a few moments to listen.

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