Wendy's Thermogenic Oxyburn

This is ONE of the tools I used to lose 30 pounds in just 10 weeks, back in 2010.

I went on to lose over 100 pounds and have kept it off!  I now take it, on occasion, to help me maintain.

The Thermogenic OxyBurn Capsules!  This is a natural supplement containing properties that aid in:

  • Mental Focus
  • Energy booster
  • Metabolism support
  • Appetite control
  • Increase muscle strength

    When used with my protocol that can be found for FREE in my Health & Wellness Group "The Healthy Catholic" and in my book "Cook Your Way to Weight Loss", it works even on the most stubborn body (and mine was pretty darn stubborn!)

    (NOTE: This is ONE of the FOUR very important tools that I equipped myself with and now I want to help YOU!   "The Healthy Catholic Tool Box" contains everything I used to shed over 100 unwanted pounds and maintain that huge loss since 2010!  It includes: The FIRST TOOL is the Colon Cleanse (available separately or in the Tool Box), The SECOND TOOL is the Appetite Control Aromatherapy Oil (available separately or in the Tool Box), The THIRD TOOL is The Keto Drops (available separately or in the Tool Box), The FOURTH TOOL  these Thermogenic OxyBurn Capsules!

    My weight loss accelerated after I began using all of the tools!

    The first two pictures are obviously not professional, but they allow you to see the big loss!


    That was 2010 and 2011.  Here is a current picture.  I really did keep it off!  


    Because I am the most impatient person I know, I wanted something that would rapidly melt away body fat and give me the energy I needed to keep up with my 13 children (and now many grandchildren!) and the many iron's that I always have in the fire (I am an author and speaker, as well).

    I have a bit of knowledge when it comes to natural herbal extracts, so I set out to find just the right combo. I wanted a formulation that would burn fat faster and more effectively. I also knew that once you hit middle age, the metabolism needed a kick start (or just a good kick perhaps..LOL). I set out to test the formulation on myself to make sure I had the right combination and started taking the capsule. The weight began to drop off. It obviously had done what I wanted it to increased my metabolism and the weight loss became faster!

    One majorly nice surprise was the fact that my stomach finally began to shrink!! Thanks to being middle age and having had 13 babies it needed a whole lot of help!

    I really wanted this formula to be something special, so I made sure it contained some little "extra's".One of the things I included was an energy blend because as a mother I know you can never have enough energy (or time in the day!)



    *GOOD NEWS: The manufacturer of our product is GMP-certified! GMP certification ensures that the facility is following guidelines that are regulated by the FDA.
    In addition, we are able to tap into the knowledge of a team of research scientists and experts from various fields of nutrition.

    This is very important to us as we want to bring you only the best and safest health products that truly work! 

    There are three powerful blends in the capsule:

    Energy boosting, Thermogenesis and Lipogenic

    The supplement helps to control your appetite and boosts your energy level to aid in weight loss.

    The energy and metabolism booster ingredients influence your central nervous system and elevate your mood, energy, vision, mental sharpness and activity.

    The Lipogenic blend also works on the weight loss factor.


    HOW SHOULD I GET STARTED? To those getting started, I suggest you join my free FB group "The Healthy Catholic" and grab a cookbook which contains the protocol, food list, and recipes!

    DID YOU CHANGE WHAT YOU ATE? I cut back on carbs...and ate more protein. I said goodbye to white sugar and white flour. I eat mainly veggies,fish,and clean meat (organic when I can). I never go back for seconds and I leave at least 1/4 of my food on the plate. I now control the food and not the other way around! 

    DO I HAVE TO EAT LIKE YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT? It would certainly! My husband was inspired by my weight loss and started using the tools in the weight loss kit. He lost almost 30 pounds in 3 months.  That being said..everyone is different. See what works for you. The tools  WILL help! I also started walking more and even use an ellipitical on occasion. I will admit, I do nothing that could even be remotely considered a "work out" ;-). Yet...I feel it is IMPORTANT to get MOVING! 

    WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I REACH GOAL WEIGHT? When you do reach goal weight, just find out what you can add back in without making the scales go up ;-).  If you see the scale crawling upwards...tweak the food intake.   I have noticed my body is very sensitive to carbs....the more carbs I eat..the more water weight I retain (carbo HYDRATE....we retain more water to digest one!)  I stay between 20-50 net carbs.  Once again, joining my free group "The Healthy Catholic" and grabbing my Cookbook, would be of great help!

    WHEN CAN I STOP TAKING THE WEIGHT LOSS CAPSULES? I recommend that folks stop taking them when they get to goal weight. I have actually cut myself back to taking them only when I see the scale crawling back up, which isn't too often, I stay right on top of it.   A bottle now lasts me forever.  It is definitely a great kick start for your metabolism, so I highly recommend it.  I do have a few ladies who still take it afterwards to give them

    SHOULD I DRINK MORE WATER? YES!!! It will actually help you lose weight!

    The general rule of thumb is that a person should drink half their body weight in ounces (I don't recommend more than 100 ounces though).  Drinking a good amount of water isn’t a bad idea (of course you can overdo it..but.most folks are chronically dehydrated!).. It won’t make you fat. It won’t rot your teeth or give you a hang-over. Drinking lots of water can temporarily assuage hunger pangs, which I find quite useful while losing weight! It can also help prevent kidney stones in those susceptible to them. Drinking more can also ease constipation and—ironically—also alleviate water retention! Amen!

    DOES GOD REALLY CARE?  Yes!.More on this below...but..first..let me get personal for a moment. I found that being overweight was destroying my body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit! My temple was a horrible mess and diabetes, high bp and other issues would surely be visiting me soon as my numbers were creeping up.Being overweight also was stealing my energy, my zeal for life, and my ability to serve the Lord mentally, spiritually and physically. Not only that...I knew it was public proof of my lack of self-control! I knew I had to do something. How could I be an example and testimony to others when I was such a mess?

    The bottom line for me was the fact that God regards gluttony as a serious offense which is linked with stubbornness, rebellion, disobedience, and drunkenness. Fortunately for me, we are no longer under old covenant rule, so I didn't have to suffer a few stones upside my head ;-).

    DID I EXERCISE?  Shoot...NOT TO START! I could barely look at the elliptical my husband bought me in 2010.  In fact...I barely got on it and when I did, it was only for a few minutes. I did virtually NOTHING because my back hurt so much...everything hurt..and besides..I WAS TIRED!

    Speed forward 4 months later. I felt so good and energetic that I wanted to move!  You know Newton's Law of Motion? I'm a living example of it! A body that is at rest will stay at rest unless a force acts upon it (this is where I kicked my resting body into action with the kit!). A body that is in motion will stay in motion!

    I suggest that you try to lose a bit of weight first and worry about the exercise later.  I tell my Wellness group to shoot for 10,000 steps each day...but if you can't, don't worry!  Just try to move a little more each day.


    I have had thousands upon thousands of women (and guys) using this and the items in the tool kit. The average weight loss seems to be approximately 2-3 pounds per week, when my protocol is being followed and tools employed!


    Our spiritual lives are of the utmost importance, but our bodies are not to be neglected. Our bodies are the physical means which we have been given to present ourselves to the world as a witness to God's glory. St. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 to GLORIFY GOD in OUR BODY!

    "Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body." I certainly was not glorifying God in my body..that's for sure!


    test<--Here is the evening gown I wore on our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  The Year prior, I wouldn't have gotten it past my head!

     My 5'9" frame was a size 22 /24!  I'm in the single digits now and have maintained :)  I feel so healthy again in my 50's!

    Before I lost the weight I didn't even want to be seen in public.  I was on the verge of being majorly depressed (and I'm generally a very happy person!).  My weight was bogging me down physically, mentally and yes..spiritually!

    So, I have a HEART for those who are suffering from being overweight (especially other mothers!).    



    We have hundreds of testimonials that we will be getting up!

    Wendy, my name is Sarah Baughn. I think I emailed you almost a year ago. I have lost 70 pounds with the help of my best friend and your capsules. I appreciate it so much. I was 355 pounds when I moved to Tennessee with my best friend, and I now weigh 285 pounds. Thank you for all you do.

    Hi Wendy - Ordered the weight loos capsules and the Jasmine tea. Lost almost 5 lbs in a week. Product does not make you feel tired or hungry. All of your products are great.Our daughter ordered the prayer cloths from you in Sept. and we have used it also for our son who was in the hospital this last summer.God Bless! Will keep you informed on the weight loss.  Bonnie Pieczynski

    HELLO WENDY:WOW – You look awesome – Praise the Holy Trinity! You definitely look like a totally different person. I am so glad you were led to help people with your weight loss tool kit. This is a wonderful blessing and hopefully more and more people will try this. It is unfortunate that in our country it appears more and more people are developing high blood pressure, cholesterol issues and diabetes. Take care my friend and keep up the good work. With Love & God’s blessings...Your smiling friend in Miami, Florida

    9.5 pounds in 3 weeks and I'm not even hungry. I really, really think you've hit upon something! Rose T.

    I have lost 3 lbs this week already! Thank you for this wonderful product! D. Kincaid

    In May it will be a year, on Wendy weight lost plan,my goal, lose 25 pounds. It did it by the end of august, last year. Now I have 5 more pound to go, And i will have reach my goal, the last 5 pounds are the hardest. More so being I have and Italian husband, and A family that likes Italian food, but with the aromatherapy oil, and the weight loss pills, and pray, and determination I will make it, i pray by the end of May. 5 to go!!! Jane Boccuzzi

    Hi Wendy, I am down 13 pounds with only 5 more to go. Thank you. Pax, Robbie in San Diego

    I didn't think the pills would really help- but they have! I'm on a diabetic med that makes weight loss very difficult but one of your pills every day does the trick.....Love and God bless-Bonnie S.

    My sister and I have had amazing results, can't wait to get going again with these, thank you for this awesome product. Nicole N.

    I have been on it for about a month now and have lost 21. Kathleen Burton"

    ...been on your weight loss plan for three weeks now, and have lose pounds now, the aromatherapy oil really helps, I have a big appetite, and being my husband is Italian, there is a lot of Italian food here, but with the help of the oil, I have control of the amount I eat.....your plan sure does work, losing my belly also! Thank You Jane B."

    Hi, I've been struggling for the past four weeks. For 3 weeks, I lost 1 lb each week, then last week I lost nothing. This week, I talked to Wendy and she gave me some good advice. I was still eating at my meals too much for my newish body. I also started remembering to take the capsules she sent me. That broke the stalemate. I lost 4 lbs this week, and dropped my BMI by 4 points! -Fiona 

    I have lost 27 pounds in 12 weeks. You were my inspiration. Thank you for the toolbox kit, I couldn't have done it without it! Requested Anonymous (well known in the Catholic world)


    Please, note:  My customers are like family to me, so I want to make this point clear.  This is not a magic weight loss kit. These are "tools".  You must work with them.  If there were such a thing as a "magic pill", I'd be uber wealthy.  Just like any tool, you must pick it up and work with it.  A hammer doesn't do any good just sitting there...yet, if you pick it up and work with it, you can build a house!  I don't want anyone to ever have any false expectations.  If you sincerely want to lose weight..get the kit and/or capsules, change your diet (my cookbook lays it all out).  YOU CAN  lose weight!  I'm living breathing proof :)

    My formula:  This capsule (especially "The Healthy Catholic" Tool Kit) - meat, fish, above ground veggies, dairy if tolerated- ditch grain - ditch sugar - increase water intake, walk - eat within an 8 hour window. 


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