Wendy's Instant Face Lift in a jar

"I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this "face lift" normally I hate the skin on my face and I can never put any lotions on it cause I break out so bad. I've been using this since you sent it to me and I've had nothing but good results I can look in the mirror and smile now. I love you thank you so much!" -Maria Rosado

Yes, that's my friend Maria holding up the jar of Instant Face Lift. 

I use my friends as "tester's"!  They are brutally honest...but that is what I want, complete honesty!

It was a hit with everyone, so we brought it on!

I am in my fifties and use it daily on my face, neck, and hands. 

It tightens the pores on my face and on the back of my hands (inherited the pores from my Irish!) and it erases the fine lines on my face. 

It will take about 30 days of regular use to notice the remarkable difference!

My friends were also impressed that it wasn't heavy or oily.  

It will also keep your skin hydrated.  I live in frigid upstate NY, so that's saying something!

The biggest thing I've noticed with aging is the crepey hands....ugh...not a fan.  This took care of it!


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