Wendy's Colloidal Silver Spray

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Colloidal Silver is able to fight over 650 disease causing bacteria & viruses, without any known side effects or drug interactions. 


From a physician:  Use colloidal silver spray on surfaces, like door handles and shopping carts, before you touch them!

Colloidal silver is also a wonderful antiviral that you can use immediately after a suspected exposure to a viral illness.

If you have found yourself standing next to someone who coughed nonstop -go ahead and spray your oral mucosa with the purified colloidal silver spray and instantly decrease your chance of picking up their pathogen.


We only use 99.999% pure colloidal silver!  It not only helps to protect you, it supports and maintains a healthy immune system!

  • Smallest Silver Nanoparticles
  • Highest Particle Surface Area (PSA), which is up to 600 times greater than other products.
  • Maximum Effectiveness

Silver has been used for more than 2,400 years to help safeguard human health. 

From the time of Hippocrates, silver's health protective properties have been well-known and vastly researched. Silver was used to help protect the purity and safety of drinking water throughout ancient civilizations.

  • NOTE: High PPM (parts per million) does NOT necessarily mean high PSA or Bioavailability.
  • World's Smallest Particle Size, less than 1 nm on average, High Colloidal/Ionic percentage & High Particle Concentration.

  • ***Remember, Colloidal Silver is able to fight over 650 disease causing bacteria & viruses, without any known side effects or drug interactions*** 

    Confused about PPM's?

    Scientific peer-reviewed literature has shown that silver is only useful when it is positively charged (bio-active). Ours is more potent than a 250 ppm colloidal silver. Higher ppm also = risk of toxicity. There is simply no reason to use a higher ppm product.

    Our spray is the ultimate refinement of colloidal silver

    Safe - Our tiny particle size yields greater surface area and higher efficiency, making our 20 ppm spray more effective than competing brands containing up to 500 ppm. 

    Pure -  Our silver has only two ingredients: 99.999% pure silver and pharmaceutical-grade purified water. It does not contain added salts or proteins that render other silver products less effective. 

    Effective - 
    If silver is not positively charged, it is not bio-active. The smaller the particle size, the more bio-active the silver.  Ous has a particle size as small as 0.8 nanometers, resulting in a formula that contains greater than 98% bio-active silver ions and silver nanoclusters, making it exponentially more powerful. Most other brands contain as little as 10% positively charged silver.

    Contains 20 ppm of purified silver. This is an incredibly powerful, non-toxic form of silver, 


    Colloidal Silver Stains so be careful around clothing. Here is a list of some conditions that people have benefited from by the use of Colloidal Silver.

    Acne: In the morning & at bedtime, cleanse skin and dry thoroughly. Apply Colloidal Silver spray directly on affected area. Allow it to dry

    Athletes Foot: Make sure foot is cleaned and dried thoroughly. Apply Colloidal Silver spray directly on the affected area and let dry. 

    Skin Problems:such as rashes, burns, scrapes, cuts, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, topical fungus, acne etc…..
    Apply Colloidal Spray 2 to 3 times a day externally 

    ----SAFETY and STORAGE

    Our silver is manufactured in an FDA registered facility, has no potentially dangerous protein additives 

    It does not interact or interfere with any medications and is made using the highest purity, sterile reagent grade deionized water. Its concentration is 20 ppm (minimum) total silver.

    • Will not cause argyria (discoloration of the skin caused by some forms of silver)
    • No adverse side effects have ever been reported.
    • Contains only pure water and pure silver.
    • Does not require refrigeration after opening.

    The bottle comes with a sprayer and is 2 ounces.

    The information found here is for educational use only and is not meant to be a prescription for any disease or illness. We are not responsible for any adverse affects or consequences resulting from the use of any or the preparation or procedures described. Check with a qualified health professional regarding the presence or treatment of any abnormal health condition.These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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