Survival Kit

We were at the Army War Museum in PA and before we left, we made a visit to the gift shop.

Big mistake if you have a ton of!

They were all drawn to the Stainless Steel Survival kits!

The adult boys carry one in their vehicles.

When we got back home, I contacted the manufacturer and now we carry them!

This kit provides essential emergency survival items in a convenient tin.

The survival kit is ideal for the beginner preppers; the compact size makes it ideal for a Bug Out Bag, emergency car kit or just to have around.

The contents of the survival kit include:

  •     Two #420 Stainless Steel Blades
  •     #11 & #22, Magnesium Fire Starter With Cover
  •     Small Bag of Cotton
  •     Compass
  •     Whistle
  •     Stainless Steel Fingertip Saw
  •     1 Copper line (1 meter)
  •     Magnifier
  •     1 Wound Pad, 2 Adhesive Strips
  •     1 Fishing Set (3 hooks, 2 sinkers and 2 fishing lines (4 meters each)
  •     Aluminum Capsule
  •     1 Sewing Kit (2 needles - 1 thread - 5 meters)
  •     5 Safety Pins
  •     1 Candle
  •     1 #420 Stainless Steel Survival Tool

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