St. Therese Good Deed Beads

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I keep a string of Good Deed Beads on my desk as a constant reminder that my moment to moment choices either move me closer to God or farther away from God.

For example, most of you know I get 500-700 emails per day and you can be assured, they aren't all "nice" (that is putting it nicely!).  I can usually get through all ten beads at the end of several hours of answering emails "charitably" :)

I know that a lot of folks think that "Good Deed Beads" are for kids...and yes, I highly recommend that kids use them..but..sometimes we as adults need to be more conscious of our "choices".

For those who do not know...these are composed of a string of ten beads (ours are wood).  Each time you do a good deed, you pull one to the side. 

When Therese was just four years old her mother passed away .  Her older sister took over her upbringing and wanted to help her deal with her emotions.   She gave her this string of 10 beads and told her to move a bead each time she chose God’s will over hers. This could mean letting another go first, not throwing a fit, being kind when treated unkindly...etc. 

I must say that just seeing the beads sitting on my desk reminds me of the opportunities I have to "do good" and has helped me to develop a more virtuous life. 

When I feel like blowing my top, or I feel impatient...I reject it!  These are little sacrifices I offer God and it gives me great peace!