St. Joseph Prosperity Beans Package

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This is a very popular and powerful tradition!

Every year millions of faithful honor St. Joseph and seek his continued protection. The beans in this package are significant in the fact that they serve as a reminder of a huge famine in Sicily and the most miraculous intercession by dear St. Joseph. It was through his interecession that the fava bean was prolific while the other crops failed. This bean became the food that kept the farmers and families from starving to death.

St. Joseph answered their prayers in time of need, he will surely be listening to all who seek his help! These beans should not be used superstitiously (like a good luck charm) but should serve as a reminder to pray for our temporal needs by invoking the intercession of dear St. Joseph.

The special bean used is called the "lucky bean" or “beans of prosperity.” It is said that the person who carries these ‘beans of prosperity’ will never be without coins or necessities.

Our package is the most complete "St. Joseph Prosperity Bean" package available. It comes with the special beans, a velvet drawstring pouch for safe keeping, a St. Joseph Holy Card, a St. Joseph medal imported from Italy, and an explantion sheet with history and prayer.