Spina Christi Reliquary Crucifix

This special crucifix not only contains soil from the Holy Catacombs, it has also been touched to a 1st class Relic of the True Cross!

A small screw in the bottom of this very unique crucifix, comes out to open up the reliquary inside the crucifix. Inside the reliquary there is a small slip of paper which states "TERRA COTTA CATACOMBS" (Latin) and a small amount of earth from the Holy Catacombs. There is room inside the crucifix to put your own relic if you choose.
Comes packaged with a certificate of authenticity and history. It measures 1 1/2" high. 

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE HOLY CATACOMB SOIL INSIDE THE RELIQUARY:I can not stress enough the historical and spiritual significance of the Holy Catacombs Soil. The Holy Catacombs are so much a part of our Christian identity! By having this soil you actually come into contact with early Christianity. You can almost tangibly sense the faith that motivated those ancient Christians. This is soil from the very tombs of the first witnesses to Christ and His message of salvation!

 The catacombs also preserve the tombs of the first Christian Martyrs! I know that my own thoughts turn to the "new martyrs" and "future martyrs" who will die. The Christians who even in our time (and the time to come!) are subjected to violence, abuse and misunderstanding, because they wish to remain faithful to Christ and to his Gospel. I truly feel a solidarity with my early Christian brothers and sisters which makes this crucifix very special to me!

The actual cross that Christ was crucified upon was buried and later found by Helena Augustas, the mother of Constantine. The account of this event appears in writing in the fourth century. Helena found all three crosses. The True Cross of Christ has cured sick people as well as restoring a dead woman to life by its touch. Due to this discovery, along with her acts of charity, Helena became recognized as a saint. Portions of the relic were distributed for personal use, which helped spread the use of small personal crosses as objects of protection, signs of Christian belief, and devotion. Relic crosses with the True Cross also became part of the use of the cross by the armies of the East and the Crusaders. Relics of the passion, including a piece of the True Cross, were among the relics used in a procession in Paris in 1559 to save the life of King Henri II. He entered into medical history as he lived 9 days after a splinter from a lance pierced his helmet and then his brain while jousting.
It is also well known that St. Helena took a piece of the True Cross to a woman afflicated with an incurable disease. She was immediately cured and it was pronounced the True Cross!

This special crucifix not only contains soil from the Holy Catacombs,it has also been touched to a 1st class Relic of the True Cross!
Your Spina Christi Reliquary Crucifix will come packaged with a certificate of authenticity and history


TESTIMONIAL:  Being beautiful and delicate, this cross is very special. I've kept this one for prayer time and usually for those extra special prayers mostly because the first time I held this cross, I felt it's power. It's very special to me and I keep it with my prayer items. As Wendy notes, you can open it for extra goodies which i only peeked at then screwed the back closed again. Debbie Kikuchi

TESTIMONIAL:  There is no where else I can get things like this.  I don't think people realize how powerful these items are.  God bless you, Wendy.  I love you and what you do.  Stephanie R.

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