Relaxation Plus

If you find yourself plagued with anxiety, finding it hard to sleep because you're worrying about everything you need to get done or didn't get done and you just can't "turn off your brain"... then you have entered the Stress Danger Zone and RELIEF IS HERE!

This is a proven herbal tincture great for relaxing.  It also serves to strengthen the nervous system while aiding in maintaining a healthy heart and adrenals gland function!

Contains a proprietary blend of:

Fresh Organic St. Johnswort (the flowering top)
Wild crafted Skullcap herb
Wild crafted Oat Seed
Certified Organic Catnip herb
Wild crafted Motherwort herb
Certificed Organic Eleuthro

All of our herbal extracts are made for us in small batches with organic alcohol to insure quality, strength and freshness.

Here's a picture of what I enjoy doing when there's not snow on the ground! 

Wendy's Relaxation Tips:
Use these tips in conjunction with our Relaxation Tincture and you'll notice a huge reduction in your stress level!

*Make time for prayer and relaxation. Take a look at your schedule and block out time each day for prayer & relaxation.

I try to block out at least 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night.  With 13 kids that doesn't always work...but..even 5 minutes hanging out in the bathroom is a start (until they find me :)

Even if part of the reason that you are so stressed is that you have no free time, you should squeeze in prayer time whenever and wherever you can.

*Calm your mind before bed by clearing it!. Don't think about how much work you have left to do or about what you're going to make for dinner, tomorrow. Just focus on clearing your mind and praying.
To do this, find a quiet place and darken it. Light it with candles if you can.
Put on some soothing music and lie back on a comfortable bed or couch. Relax as long as you can (or in my case...until the kids find me :)
  • Focus on thinking happy thoughts or no thoughts at all.
  • Think about how nice it will feel to slip into bed and fall into a restful sleep.
  • Slowly turn down the music and blow out the candles, and fall asleep.

Listen to my advice on relaxation, below :)

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