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      Prayer Card-Surrender Novena (Package of 10)

      Prayer Card-Surrender Novena (Package of 10)

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      Package of ten (10) Prayer Cards!

      The digital copy of this prayer card can be found here E-Prayer Card - Surrender Novena

      Given by Jesus to Father Don Dolindo Ruotolo- a Neopolitan priest (1882-1970), stigmatized miracle worker, "mouthpiece of the Holy Spirit", and friend of Padre Pio.

      After mentioning my tremendous anxiety to a friend, she recommended this Novena to me and it had miraculous results!

      When I get anxious, I pray all 9 days at once and it truly does help.

      It ALWAYS calms and soothes me.

      In fact, it helped so much that I had these large prayer cards (5 1/2" x 8 1/2") made, in prayerful hope that I can help you and others!

      Listen to what Fr. Blount has to say about comforting!

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