Heirloom Rosary


Discount for multiples.

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Why is this rosary so special and powerful?

Satan absolutely hates powerful sacramentals and this rosary is made with some of the most powerful!

St. Benedict Medal centerWe all know how spiritually powerful this medal is when warding off danger!

St. Michael medal attachedHe defends us in battle and I wanted his medal included.

Pardon Crucifix - Because the Pardon Crucifix ranks up there with the St. Benedict Medal, I knew I had to have it on this rosary.  Pope St. Pius X used the keys to heaven to attach heavenly rich indulgences to it.  

Tigers eye gemstone beads - I thought it was fitting because a tiger will stay focused on the object it desires for as long as it takes.  Our desire is HEAVEN and we can't lose focus...not matter what is going on!    

....and as our gift:

Touched to many 1st class relics of the saints - we will include a list

Anointed with exorcism oil - Certificate sticker will be included!  Will also include a special pouch for storage.


This Heirloom Rosary was designed and made just for us by a rosary artisan.  It is our official rosary!

In fact, this is the rosary I pray for all of you on!  Sturdy, gorgeous, feels like a piece of heaven in your hand!  

I have 13 children and 3 (soon to be 4) grandchildren and they all love this rosary and have yet to break it!  It will be around to pass on...truly a beautiful, high quality heirloom!


Proceeds from this Heirloom Rosary go to our Giving Missions.