Night Time Fat Burner

With 5-HTP, CLA & L-TRYPTOPHAN... a sleep aid and a fat burner all in one.


Want to sleep better, improve your mood, and burn fat?

No, you're not going to wake up and have lost 50 pounds.  It is a gradual process, and this is a "tool", not a magic capsule.

It Uses Natural Ingredients To Help Promote Restfulness & Fat Burning.


Losing sleep over your inability to sleep?  

For almost 90 million American adults who aren’t getting enough sleep, the realities of daily exhaustion and stress are real

We all know sleep is important so that we feel and look well-rested but it can also actually have a profound impact on our overall health, affecting immunity, mental sharpness, and even weight management. 


Helps You Fall Asleep Faster & Relieve Stress 

Helps promote deeper sleep, help you feel relaxed, and help relieve stress. You’ll wake up feeling great (or at least better!)


Natural Weight Loss While You Sleep 

Helps naturally boost your metabolism so you burn more calories while you sleep!

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