Mini Holy Cards-Our Loving Mother

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Discount for multiples.

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After December 2nd, this image will only be available as a Prayer Cloth (you can see that here)

Is there anything more tender than the love of a mother...especially our dear Blessed Mother?

One person wrote, "The picture sends my soul to a feeling of peace and love beyond the firmament of this place we call earth and wants me to be in a place called heaven."

Another wrote, "Where can I find this Wendy. It's beautiful and I feel I need to look at this one a lot!"

And when I got this note I knew I had to do something: "Wendy, I have a very ill child and this image gives me great comfort.  Could you get this made into a prayer cloth?  I would like to use it while praying for my son."

After reading a few hundred emails like that, I knew it was a sign and got to work.  I now have this beautiful image as a Mini Holy Card (see above) and we also offer it as a Prayer cloth (you can see that here)

I guess I didn't realize just how much this image meant to so many folks and the outpouring of mail really touched me.  No doubt that the Lord is going to use this in a powerful way!

At 2 1/2" x 3" , these are the perfect size to spread the devotion to Our Blessed Mother and The Child Jesus!  These cards will fit well in a wallet, purse or coat pocket to distribute.

On the reverse side of this beautiful mini Holy Card is a prayer to our Most Holy Mother!