Mini Holy Cards-Child Jesus In Tabernacle

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The Child Jesus in The Tabernacle image has always been one of our favorites.  We had carried it in the past.  Thanks to modern technology, we were able to get a better and more clear image.  

On the reverse side of this beautiful mini Holy Card is a prayer to the Infant Jesus on behalf of the Poor Souls in Purgatory.  How they yearn for our prayers!

I encourage you to pass these out and help get more folks praying for the Poor Souls through the Infant Jesus.

At 2 1/2" x 3" , these are the perfect size to spread devotion.  They fit well in a wallet, purse or coat pocket to distribute.


St. Therese of the Child Jesus and her love of the Divine Prisoner in the tabernacle.

The night which transformed St.Therese’s life as a teenager was also resulting from this “fusion” of His Eucharistic Love with her love.  At mid-night Mass on Christmas of 1886 “‘the strong and powerful God’ of the creche whom she had just received in communion clothed her with strength forever.”  (Descouvemont and Loose.) 

Moreover it was a prayer card of Jesus, the Divine Prisoner in the tabernacle, that inspired Therese to be His Little flower of love.  Painted on the card, which was given to Therese by her sister Pauline, was a little flower growing towards Jesus in the tabernacle.  It was on its stem that Pauline wrote her name.  Wishing to emulate this, St. Therese wrote, “The little flower of the Divine Prisoner told me so many things that I was immersed in them.  Seeing Pauline’s name written at the bottom of the little flower, I wished Therese’s name could be there too and so I offered myself to Jesus to be His little flower.” 

As Descouvemont and Loose explain, “Jesus remains alone behind the door, like a prisoner in his cell: no one comes to visit him.   “The Divine Prisoner of the tabernacle awaits the visit and the gratitude of his creatures who abandon him!  He knocks at the door of our heart to make of it a tabernacle where he can rest,” (Descouvemont and Loose.)  In addition to her life itself, which is a masterpiece of Christ’s Love, Therese has left being dozens of poems, songs and paintings revealing the Love of her Eucharistic Spouse.  Among these are several tender images of the Christ Child

Did you know that St.Therese of the Child Jesus was a Carmelite and only one of four female Doctor's of the Catholic Church?