Mini Holy Cards-See O' See

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Discount for multiples.

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This See O' See image was one of our most requested and I believe it is because it has touched so many hardened hearts since we brought it back.

On the reverse side of this beautiful mini Holy Card is a prayer to the Divine Child Jesus!

I encourage you to pass these out so the Divine Child Jesus may be more honored, more glorified, more served, more loved!  You can help spread the devotion to His Divine Childhood throughout the entire world!

When I was creating the mini Holy Cards I heard these words interiorly "I will help those who help you spread this devotion." 

Whether that was due to a 3rd cup of coffee or the "Still, Small voice" (1 Kings 19:12)  I'm not sure...I'm betting it was the latter :)

That being said....we all know there is a war being fought ..not on the battlefield...but in the wombs of women.  

Like Mother Angelica (we all know who she is!) I believe the Divine Child is the solution for the mess in this world. 

Why is the world in such a mess?  I believe it is because we are murdering our unborn babies. 

At 2 1/2" x 3" , these are the perfect size to spread the devotion to the Divine Child Jesus.  They fit well in a wallet, purse or coat pocket to distribute.

Divine Child Jesus, raise your tiny hand and bless all the innocent children of the world, bless the mothers who are carrying new life in their wombs, bless all of us who are trying to defend the helpless among us.

Mother Mary, thank you for blessing us with your Divine Child!  Amen!