Maca Mood (Fatigue-Increased Sex Drive)

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The Super Food Tincture That Helps With Everything From Fatigue to Sex Drive


Sex is sacred!  When we enjoy sex in our sacramental marriage, God shares in our joy because He shares all other joys and sufferings we experience. 

I know, I know...I may have shocked a few of you...but..this issue needs to be addressed.  I love natural medicine and I love helping people.

That being said, I have had requests for something that would help both spouses with that very Godly "sex drive" within the context of marriage. 

The "sex drive" was put there by GOD.  The sexual impulse is sometimes "elusive" as we age or other circumstances set in.  I'm here to offer you help.

Sex is not dirty and is a very important part of marriage (you can read my book on Marital Sexuality for free HERE)

  From A Catholic Perspective:

 The marriage act is a very important and special, unifying act of love between spouses. Through it, they become two in one flesh.

 For this reason, satisfactory marital relations have a stabilizing effect in marriage.  They represent an important area of intimate, shared experience, a broad area for the manifestation of tenderness, thoughtful courtesies and unselfishness between partners.

 As a manifestation of love, the conjugal act is a very important part of marriage.  As the fulfillment of a divine command in the sacramental state, it becomes a holy act. Thus, in marriage, the expression of the sexual impulse is elevated by love and achieves its purpose as a means of personal perfection.

That being said, In marriage, each spouse has an equal right to marital relations and an equal obligation to grant them when the partner makes a reasonable request.

Refusing relations because you are sick is not out of order. But, frequent or continued refusal to have relations when the partner reasonably requests them is seriously wrong, since it is a violation of the a sacramental contract. On the other hand, unreasonable requests need not be met.

Okay...had to state Church Teaching because everything I do is with my Catholic Faith in mind.  I don't drop it at the door (or lab) or anywhere else.  I am here to assured of the fact that I will NEVER steer you in the wrong direction. I AM HERE TO HELP!

So..if you want to boost energy, increase libido and fight stress then I urge you to try this tincture (which is certified organic!) 

Maca is what holistic doctors call an adaptogen, a plant or herb that boosts the body’s ability to resist, deal with and recover from emotional and physical stress.

Maca provides numerous minerals, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, iron, zinc, iodine and copper... vitamins B-1, B-2, C and E... nearly 20 amino acids, including linoleic acid, palmitic acid and oleic acid... as well as various plant sterols, which are natural cholesterol-lowering agents. All of these nutrients have been shown to promote health in a multitude of ways.


Modern research has shown that maca does increase sex drive. 

One double-blind, randomized study published in the journal Andrologia examined the effect of maca on sexual desire in 57 men, ages 21 to 56. Participants took either placebos or 1,500 mg or 3,000 mg of maca daily. After four, eight and 12 weeks, they reported on their sex drive levels. Placebo users experienced no change in libido, while the men taking either quantity of maca reported heightened sexual desire starting at eight weeks and continuing throughout the study.

How it works: Maca’s libido-enhancing powers are attributed primarily to its amino acids and sterols, among other properties. Blood tests indicated that maca did not affect the men’s levels of the hormones testosterone or estradiol (a form of estrogen present in women and men). This is just one of maca’s virtues—it does not change hormone regulation in men.

A small study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology yielded some interesting results, indicating that maca also improves male fertility. Nine men, ages 24 to 44, received either 1,500 mg or 3,000 mg of maca per day. Compared with tests done at the outset of the study, semen analysis performed at the end of the four-month research period demonstrated that maca increased semen volume, sperm count and sperm motility at both dosage levels. Again, maca achieved these results by unknown mechanisms that were not related to increases in testosterone or other hormones.


For women, maca has a long-standing reputation for soothing menopausal symptoms. A study published in the International Journal of Biomedical Science details research at five sites in Poland, focusing on 124 women, ages 49 to 58, in the early stages of menopause. During the study, the women took varied combinations of either a placebo or 2,000 mg of maca every day. Results: Compared with placebo users, those taking maca experienced significant reductions—84% on average—in the frequency and severity of menopausal symptoms, particularly hot flashes and night sweats.

Bonus: In a substudy of the trial, researchers found that the women taking maca had a notable increase in bone density.

How it works: Blood tests showed that maca reduced follicle-stimulating hormone, which normally increases during menopause and is thought to be one cause of troublesome symptoms, such as hot flashes and night sweats. Study authors speculate that maca stimulates the regulatory mechanism responsible for optimizing ovarian function and estrogen secretion, significantly increasing the level of estradiol in a woman’s body.

It appears, then, that maca offers a safe and effective way to reduce menopausal symptoms—and it is unlikely to increase a woman’s risk for breast cancer, heart disease and stroke, as can non-bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

We don’t know this for certain, but the fact that breast cancer is not among the leading causes of death in Peruvian women, despite a diet rich in maca, supports the assumption. In addition, increases in estradiol as a result of taking maca supplements may be safer than adding a hormone to a woman’s system because maca appears to stimulate the body’s natural estrogen production.


Any kind of stress....from work, personal problems, illness, injury, toxins, hormonal imbalances or any other source—can negatively affect how our bodies function. Maca is what holistic doctors call an adaptogen, a plant or herb that boosts the body’s ability to resist, deal with and recover from emotional and physical stress.

Practitioners of traditional medicine from China and India have known about and made use of adaptogens for centuries, though the term itself was not coined until the middle of the 20th century. Well-known adaptogens include the herbs ashwagandha, ginseng, rhodiola and licorice root, all of which I have prescribed to my patients with much success over the years.

How it works: To be classified as an adaptogen, a natural substance must meet specific criteria. It must be nontoxic... normalize levels of chemicals raised during periods of stress... and produce physical, chemical and/or biological responses that increase the body’s resistance to stress.

Although all adaptogenic plants contain antioxidants, researchers do not believe that antioxidants alone account for adaptogens’ normalizing powers. Rather, it is thought that a variety of phytochemicals helps balance the dozens of endocrine, digestive and neural hormones that operate throughout the body—including insulin (which regulates blood sugar levels) and dopamine (which enhances and stabilizes mood). Many adaptogens also stimulate immune system components, leading to better immune function.


In addition to its documented beneficial effects on the human reproductive system, laboratory tests and animal studies suggest that maca may reduce the risk for...

  • Arthritis—by promoting cartilage growth.
  • Blood toxicity—by improving liver function.
  • Diabetes—by allowing for better control over blood sugar levels and body weight.
  • Digestive health—by combating ulcers.
  • Fatigue—by increasing energy and endurance.
  • Heart disease—by lowering levels of LDL "bad" cholesterol and triglycerides (a type of blood fat).
  • Infertility—by stimulating production of estrogen and other hormones in women and boosting sperm count in men.
  • Memory and mood—by enhancing certain brain chemicals.
  • Osteoporosis—by increasing bone density.
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)—by regulating hormone levels.
  • Prostate problems—by reducing prostate enlargement.


 *Georgetown University Medical Center professor Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD, says, "Maca might have a positive effect on sexual dysfunction.

 *WebMd states: Researchers are looking at how it may help men and women with low libido. Some studies suggest it may improve semen quality, relieve symptoms of menopause, and reduce enlarged prostates.

 *Psychiatrist and functional medicine physician Hyla Cass, MD, says maca works. "In my practice, I have seen maca restore hormonal imbalance and related sexual desire and fertility in both men and women."

 *Chris Kilham, author of Hot Plants, says, "Maca enjoys a very long history of successful medicinal use for menopausal discomfort, infertility, and sexual healing. The question is not whether it works -- because we know it works with certainty -- but how it works". 

 *In a 2008 study from CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics, researchers found that maca may help alleviate sexual dysfunction caused by use of selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitors (or SSRIs, a class of medications used in the treatment of depression). The study involved 20 people with depression, all of whom were experiencing SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction. Results revealed that maca may also help improve libido.


There are no serious known side effects of maca, but like any other supplement  there are a few guidelines to bear in mind.

When you first start using maca, it’s best to begin by taking smaller amounts and building up. 
I suggest starting with 1 full dropper, three times a day.   
I also recommend taking a break from maca now and then in order to give the body’s cell receptors a break from any hormone stimulation.  If you want to try maca to see if it helps you for then you should take this tincture for three months (six months for women with severe menopausal symptoms), then stop using maca for one or two weeks. They may then continue this regimen as needed for symptom relief.
One bottle should last about a depends on how much you are taking. 


Women who take estrogen to ease menopausal symptoms should talk to their doctors about using maca. They may be able to wean off hormone therapy or at least lower the estrogen dosage under a doctor’s supervision.

Breast cancer patients taking tamoxifen or other estrogen blockers and women who have had breast cancer must not use maca.  People who take thyroid medication should be monitored by their doctors because maca may increase thyroid activity. Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should not take maca, as a general precaution.

That being said...this is a SUPER FOOD and not some chemical concoction.  Toxicity studies have shown no toxicity or adverse pharmacologic effects.

We have put it in tincture form for its ease of use but more importantly because other forms of maca (dried) have been shown to have lower content of the suspected active metabolite.  In addition, it is certified organic..


Additional research information:

The following is from Memorial Sloan Kettering- Mechanism of Action

Maca root contains far greater amounts of glucosinolates than other members of the Brassicacae family, such as cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. Fertility-enhancing properties of maca are thought to be due to aromatic isothiocyanates hydrolyzed from these glucosinolates. Furthermore, benzyl isothiocyanate has been reported to inhibit breast, stomach and liver cancer in rats. Aphrodisiacal properties are attributed to the prostaglandins, sterols and amides of polyunsaturated fatty acids.  Althought both methanolic and aqueous extracts of Maca exhibit estrogenic activity in vitro , maca does not affect serum levels of luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, prolactin, testosterone and estradiol in humans.  Alkaloids purified from the maca root are thought to affect the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, explaining why maca can induce effects in both sexes.


The following is from the US National Library of Medicine - Ethnobiology and Ethnopharmacology of Lepidium meyenii

Lepidium meyenii (maca) is a Peruvian plant of the Brassicaceae family cultivated for more than 2000 years, which grows exclusively in the central Andes between 4000 and 4500 m altitude. Maca is used as a food supplement and also for its medicinal properties described traditionally. Since the 90s of the XX century, an increasing interest in products from maca has been observed in many parts of the world. In the last decade, exportation of maca from Peru has increased from 1,415,000 USD in 2001 to USD 6,170,000 USD in 2010. Experimental scientific evidence showed that maca has nutritional, energizer, and fertility-enhancer properties, and it acts on sexual dysfunctions, osteoporosis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, memory and learning, and protects skin against ultraviolet radiation. Clinical trials showed efficacy of maca on sexual dysfunctions as well as increasing sperm count and motility. Maca is a plant with great potential as an adaptogen and appears to be promising as a nutraceutical in the prevention of several diseases.



From the Bible!

Old Testament Canticle of Canticles 7,2-7.

How beautiful are your feet . . .
o prince's daughter!
The curve of your thighs
is like the curve of a necklace
work of a master hand.
Your navel is a bowl well rounded
with no lack of wine,
your belly a heap of wheat
surrounded with lillies.
Your two breasts jump like young deer
twins of a gazelle.
Your neck is an ivory tower,
your eyes like the pools of Heshbon . . .
How beautiful you are, how charming,
my love, my delight!"


From Paul's Letter to the Corinthians 6,13-19.

"The body is not meant for fornication;
it is for the Lord
and the Lord for the body . . .

A man who lies with a prostitute
is one body with her,
since the two, as Scripture says,
become one flesh . . .

Keep away from fornication.
All other sins are committed
outside the body;
but to fornicate is to sin
against your own body.
Your body, you know is a
temple of the Holy Spirit
who is in you because you
received the Spirit from God."


 Testimonial:  "Thank you.  Without causing scandal, I just want to say thank you.  That is all.  You are awesome.  Patty J."

 Testimonial:  "It took about 4 weeks before I noticed a difference.  I did notice a difference though and I thank you.  It really does work.  I think it depends on the person as to how long it will take.  My husband felt the difference much quicker.  God bless you.  This is a very important part of marriage to address and you have the courage and knowledge to do so.  I admire you greatly for your courage and love for others.  Love and blessings, Christine"