Handmade Full Apron - Wendy's Leopard

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Note: Over 2 yards of material, this is truly "one size fits all"!

It's no secret, I am old-fashioned and very traditional and wear an apron over my dresses.

I remember my Grandma McNamara wearing her aprons. I spent a lot of time with her and we would talk about how Our Blessed Mother probably wore one, too.

It recently hit me, Jesus wore one!

On the night before he died, Holy Thursday, Jesus tied a towel around his waist... a makeshift apron (John 13:4).

He then washed the feet of his disciples. This was a task assigned to a servant or slave.

Jesus showed us we must live to serve others!  That is the key to true happiness!

By the way, serve with JOY!  How we serve is just as important as what we serve!

Before I put on my apron, I kiss it reverently...just as a priest vesting for Mass kisses the stole he drapes around the back of his neck.

My apron is a holy and sacred sign...as I serve my family, and others, until the day I enter eternity.

The perfect "vestment" for you, while serving your family in your Domestic Church

My friend makes these for us (she is like me, but younger...lol!). I picked out the fabric.

Each apron takes several hours to make.

One size truly fits all, she uses plenty of material and extra long ties that adjust to any body size.

As my gift:

I will include two of our heirloom seed packages...one in each large pocket.

These gorgeous aprons make great gifts for yourself or your loved ones.

Great for birthdays, Valentine's, holidays, Mother’s Day, teachers, hostess, best friend, girlfriend, sister, bridesmaids or housewarming.


Funds go to our Pediatric Giving Mission

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