Daily Immune Support

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 This tincture enhances and activates the immune system  This in turn increases overall resistance to colds, flu, viruses of various sorts and disease.  We have already had testimonials! 

It should be taken daily to ward of sickness!

As mentioned, use it to boost and maintain the immune system.

This special tincture is made for us in a special lab in small batches so it is very potent! 

It consists of a a blend of mushroom extracts and Astragalus to help the immune system "adapt" and regulate.  

Mushrooms are adaptogens, which basically means they will normalize your immune system, whether it is under or over active.
This herbal tincture contains:Astragalus root,Reishi Mushroom,Shiitake Mushroom,Maitake Mushroom.

Start taking it as soon as you receive it!