St. John Paul II Intercession Package

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Discount for multiples.

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Canonized April 27, 2014!

Financial needs, Health needs, Family needs...let us invoke Blessed Pope John Paul the Great!

Claims of JP II"s intercession have poured in. As an article on www.Spiritdaily noted: "From lost son to cancer to of JP II"s intercession keep pouring in!

We can not ignore St. John Paul II as a POWERFUL intercessor for our needs!

We believe he will prove to be one of the most powerful intercessors of this century!

Let us INVOKE him to intercede for our matter if they be big or small! Financial needs, Health needs, Family needs...We all have something in our lives that we could use a little help with! I know I do!

This John Paul II Intercession Package will contain all of the following items!:

***Exclusive St. John Paul II Intercession Prayercloth (see image up above)

***His 2nd Class Relic!  Yes, you read that right.  We only have so many and then we will be adding a regular medal. Get the package while we still have his 2nd Class Relic medal included!

***A candle to burn while praying

***A Holy Card

***Article on St. John Paul II's Miraculous intercessions! Read the miracles that folks are attributing to his powerful intercession! This will give you hope for his powerful intercession!

***Exclusive "St. John Paul II Intercession Chaplet Beads" with Special OFFICIAL Prayer for His Intercession! The Diocese of Rome published the written prayer to implore favors through the intercession of the late Pope John Paul II. The prayer is being disseminated by the postulator of the cause of his beatification, Monsignor Slawomir Oder, of the Diocese of Torun, Poland. The monsignor is currently judicial vicar of the Court of Appeals of the Diocese of Rome.

We will include this Prayer with the Special Intercession Chaplet Beads for you to use to pray for his intercession!

The St. Pope John Paul II Intercession Package contains all of the above items


A French nun who was inexplicably cured of Parkinson’s disease led to John Paul II’s beatification in 2011.

A second miracle, involved a Costa Rican woman who was cured of a cerebral aneurysm the very day of John Paul II’s beatification!

Ask St. John Paul II to intercede for your needs!