Divide your weight in half and drink that number of ounces in water, but cap it at 100 ounces.



    Your goal is 10,000 steps a day , which is approximately 4-5 miles, depending on length of stride).  All your movement counts, housework, chasing kids, shopping.  If you can't, don't worry, just move!



    Even natural ones, until you reach goal weight, fruit is not your friend during initial weight loss.  You only have 20 NET carbs per day so make the most of them.  The only "On Plan" sweetener is Stevia, but you will find once you have been on plan a few weeks, foods taste sweeter on their own and you may not even need that.



    Use the Count Sheet (I have that on another page and will give you the link shortly, meanwhile use a notebook).  It keeps you accountable and when you have a problem, it helps you find it.



    Take a before pic, you've probably been hiding from the camera, but it really helps when you look at them later as you progress.  Also, take measurement.  Sometimes the scale just doesn't move and yet you are tempted to be discouraged.  Check your measurements and you will probably find that you are losing inches while your body is changing composition to more muscle and less fat.



    Pray for yourself, it's not selfish!  Pray for help reaching your goals and form the grace to see you through.  Pray for the others who are also following this plan.  We are here to help and support one another.  Our patron saints are St. Joan of Arc and St. Margaret of Cortona (patronesses of warriors and weight loss, respectively).



    The goal of this diet is to take you into benign dietary ketosis. That means burning fat instead of carbs for energy. Your body breaks fat into ketones which your body uses instead of carbs. Your brain loves ketones as fuel! Many people have better memory and mental clarity on the ketogenic diet and it’s also why it is used to treat epilepsy. If you are following the plan you will be in ketosis.



    During the first few days to two weeks of the diet, you may experience unpleasant symptoms sometimes called keto-flu. You can have flu-like symptoms and cravings for the sugary foods you are giving up. It is a combination of your body detoxing from sugars (it truly is an addiction) and the high carb diet, yeast die off, and the adjustment to ketosis, burning fat for fuel. Staying hydrated will help, as will taking a magnesium supplement and upping the potassium in your diet by using NuSalt [Potassium chloride] on your meals or if cramping persists a Potassium supplement. Once this adjustment period passes, most people have a lot more energy and a heightened sense of wellbeing.

    To Sum Up:

    Water - drink half your weight in ounces of water, but not over 100oz. Protein - 17-18 ounces of protein-rich food or about 12 ounces for diabetics; 8oz steak, 4 oz hamburger, 2 eggs, etc. (≈120g protein.) Fats- stay under 5 tbsp added fats. Carbs - under 20 net carbs a day. You don't have to hit the numbers exactly every day (except for the water!) but don't go over and try to get close most days.

    Have a question?

    This page  is the place to ask. There are a great bunch of supportive people who are willing to help.





    No, you can't eat all you want. Also, while we are not counting calories...but...eating too many calories will make us gain.

    That being said. the average female needs 15-17 (13-15 for diabetics) ounces of protein containing foods (meat and eggs, etc.) ≈120g

    The RDA places it at a lower number, but that is too low (extremely minimal). You can also stall your weight loss with too much protein.

    You don't have to weigh your meat (it's up to you, of course). Here is your visual for portion size:

    1 ounce looks like a pack of matches,

    3 ounces looks like a deck of cards,

    8 ounces a small paperback book.

    Portion Control Matters (really, it does!)

    Yes, I do measure. I think we have a few folks stalling out because of large portions.

    For the past 6 years, I have only allowed myself 2-3 tsp. of cream in my big mug of coffee. When I eat cheese, I keep it to 28g which is about 3 thin matchbook slices. When I eat meat (such as steak), I keep it to 3-4 ounces. about the size of an iPhone. Size does matter.

    If you are hungry, drink more water, coffee or tea. We are trying to shrink our stomachs, too (like they do in gastric bypass surgery).


    It is a very simple, yet effective plan! I WANT EVERYONE TO SHOOT FOR 10,000 steps per day!  That is equivalent to about 4-5 miles (depending on length of stride)

    If you can only do 1k today, shoot for more the
     next day...keep working towards the 10k goal. Get a cheap Pedometer, an app for your phone, or even a Fitbit. Keep track of your steps and keep moving!

    Nutrition Goals

    Protein = 15-17 oz (13-15 oz for diabetic)

    Fats = 50 grams

    Carbs = 20 grams net

    Total calories 1500/day

    How to Calculate Net Carbs

    Total grams of carbs per serving minus grams of fiber per serving equals net carbs. TC-F=NC