St. Hildegard's Library

    I have dedicated this Spiritual Library to my girl, St. Hildegard of Bingen!  She is one of only four female "Doctors of the Catholic Church". 

    She is such an inspiration to me as someone who is a devout Catholic and loves medicine.  She understood we need to heal mind, body and soul!

    Enjoy the spiritual books, articles and devotions! Consider our Library a spiritual spa for your soul!  Linger as long as you wish.  Nourish your soul!

    "Please continue to feed His sheep. You are a Bellwether. The sheep that stays closest to its shepherd. That sheep is given a bell by this shepherd. The other sheep follow the sound of that bell. The Bellwether follows its beloved shepherd, and none of the sheep are lost.God Bless you and your beautiful family.Your sister in Christ, Mary from Tx"

    Just click on the Title of the Book, Article or Devotion and be instantly transported to nourishing "soul food"!


    Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis

    The Wonders of the Holy Name by Rev. Paul O' Sullivan



    13 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System to Avoid Sickness & Disease

    Guide to Confession.  Examination of Conscience for Adults.  Very thorough!  Feel free to print.

    Marital Impurity - The Plight of the Suffering Spouse This is an article that was written by a dear friend who is also a talented author. She wanted me to spread this far and wide.  Due to the delicate nature of the topic, which is something she understands all too well, she asked that her name not be used.   

    "I read your piece, and it is very fine indeed. -Fr. Stephen F. Torraco"

    The Life of Every Good Parent is Martyrdom by Fr. Gerreol Girardey
    Yes, the life of every good parent is a martyrdom! It is to drink daily from the chalice of Jesus Christ Crucified. To be good parents, you must have a deep and true love of the Cross. It is by changing serpents into doves and tigers into lambs that you will be representative of Christ the Good Shepherd, and prove yourself a worthy parent, a man fit to beget and save souls.

    The Power of Prayer and Fasting Through fasting we can gain a deeper spirituality. It is a tool to obtaining a closer walk with God! It has the power to break the lower nature of our flesh and bring it under submission! Fasting has STOPPED WARS and HEALED the TERMINALLY ILL!  



    Blessing On Medicine  The Roman Ritual presents this prayer to ask God's blessing on medicine.  

    Morning Offering Prayer & Video.  A peaceful way to start your day!

    Prayer for Inner Healing  Sometimes we don't realize we need to be healed.  We "shove" our hurts and our feelings so far down that we are not aware we've been wounded. 

    Many of us have wounded ourselves through sin and other times it is others who have inflicted the wounds.  Most of us are carrying around both types of wounds and yes...they need to be healed.  I am going to ask you to please, take a moment and be "healed"


    Prayer to Our Lady of Lady of Mt. Carmel - Never Known To Fail



    Stations of The Cross This is one of my favorite devotions that I wish to share with you!  Meditate on each station by reading the text, reciting the prayers and meditating on the passion of Christ and His great love and sacrifice for each of us.  A plenary Indulgence is given to those who prayerfully make the journey of the fourteen stations.