Each condition, or need, listed below has a physical and/or spiritual product to address the issue.

We are here to HELP you...Mind, Body & Soul!

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Addictions (alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, etc):  St. Maximilian Kolbe Package

Adrenal:  Adrenal Support

Aging:  Wendy's Daytime Facial Serum

             Wendy's Night time Hydrating Face Treatment 

             Healthy Skin Spray

Allergies:  Immune Booster                       

                   Daily Immune Support

                   Sinus & Allergy Oil


AnxietyRelaxation Plus                                       

                Keep Calm Spray

                Stress Away Spray

                St. Dymphna Package

Appetite (control)Appetite Control


Arthritis:  No More Pain Oil


Blood Pressure:  Body Balancer Plus

                              Blood Pressure Tea


Bug Control:  Bug Juice

Cancer:  St. Peregrine Package

Candles: 100% Beeswax

                 Bethlehem Candle

                 Chrism Candle

                 Jesus Holy Tomb Candle


Canker & Cold Sores:  Mint Oil

Cardiovascular:  Body Balancer Plus

                              Hawthorn Leaf

Chaplets:  St. John Paul II Relic Chaplet

                   The Three Hail Marys Promise Beads


Cholesterol:  Body Balancer Plus


Cinctures (Cords):  Precious Blood Cord

                                  St. Joseph's Cincture


Circulatory:  Body Balancer Plus

Cleanse:  Colon Cleanse

Colds & Flu:  Immune Booster

                       Daily Immune Support

                       4 Thieves Cold & Flu Oil

                       Nose Stick

                       Sinus & Allergy Oil


Colon:  Wendy's Colon Cleanse

Conversion:  St. Monica Package

                        Green Scapular Package

Crucifix:  Hand Crafted Wood Crucifix

                 Pardon Crucifix

                 Special Crucifix for protection

                 Spina Christi Reliquary Crucifix



Danger (to ward off):  St. Benedict Package

                                    Exorcism Medal Package

Daily Nutritional:  Super Greens

                               Daily Immune Support


Dental:  St. Apollonia Package

               Wendy's Tooth Powder

Deodorant (Natural):  4 Thieves Body Spray & Deodorant

Depression:  Sanity Rescue
                       St. Dymphna Package

Detoxifying:  Antioxidant & Detox Formula                       

                       Colon Cleanse


Diabetes:  Sugar Control Tea

Digestive Health:  Tummy Tamer

Energy: Maca Mood

               Peppy Pill



Epidemics (plagues):  St. Rocco Package 

                                     Four Thieves Products

Eye Ailments:  St. Lucy Package


Face:  Cucumber Aloe Scrub

            Eye Make Up Remover

            Healthy Skin Spray

            Wendy's Daytime Facial Serum

            Wendy's Night time Hydrating Face Treatment

            Wendy's Raspberry Silk Facial Cleanser


Family Problems:  St. Eugene de Mazenod Package

Fast Answers:     Blessed Mother Theresa's Express Novena Package

Fatigue: - Peppy Pill

                  Maca Mood

                  Adrenal Support 

Financial Problems:     Our Lady of The Prairies Package   

                                        St. Josephs Prosperity Beans

Flu:  Immune Booster

        Daily Immune Support

        4 Thieves Cold & Flu Oil

        Nose Stick

        Sinus & Allergy Oil


General Illness:    Blessed Mother Healing Package 

                               St. Raphael Healing Package


Hair:  Wendy's Shampoo Bar

           Wendy's Conditioner Bar


Hands:  4 Thieves Hand Balm

              4 Thieves Sanitizer

              4 Thieves Tallow



Heart:  Body Balancer Plus                             

             Hawthorn Leaf

Healing Holy Oils:  Relic Holy Oil of the Saints

                                 Special Oil of Healing & Protection

                                 St. Anthony Holy Oil

                                 St. Benedict Holy Oil

                                 St. Dymphna Holy Oil

                                 St. Pio Holy Oil

                                 St. Raphael Holy Oil

                                 St. Therese (of the Child Jesus) Holy Oil

                                 True Cross Holy Oil


Holy Cards:  Child Jesus in The Tabernacle

                      Holy Card Collection (50 pack)

                      Our Loving Mother (Blessed Mother & Child Jesus)

                      See O' See How I Love Thee (Child Jesus)

                      St. Gerard

                      The Memorare


Holy Water:

Home Products:  Citrus & Spice Organic Air Freshener Spray

Home Protection:     Spiritual Protection Packge

                                    St. Benedict Home Protection Package

Home (Selling of):   St. Joseph Home Selling Kit

Hopeless Situations:    Mary Undoer of Knots Package

Incense:  Frankincense & Myrrh

Intercession Packages:  Immaculate Heart

                                           Poor Souls

                                           Sacred Heart

                                           St. Dymphna

                                           St. Gerard

                                           St. Gianna

                                           St. John Paul II

                                           St. Philomena

                                           St. Pio


Immune Support:  Immune Booster 
                               Daily Immune Support
                               Super Greens

Jewelry (Catholic): St. Benedict Exorcism Medal Bracelet

Kidney:  Wendy's Kidney Cleanse

LibidoMaca Mood

Lips:  All Natural Lipstick

          All Natural Lipbalm

Liver:   Wendy's Liver Cleanse

Lung:   Lung Revitalizer

Medals (Catholic):  Medal of Miracles

                                  Relic Medal's Package

                                  St. Michael Medal

                                  St. Raphael Medal

Menopause Symptoms:    Maca Mood

Mental Clarity:

Mental Health:  St. Dymphna Package

Mood:  Happy Spray

             Maca Mood


Muscle Spasms:

Nausea:  Tummy Tamer

Necessities and Needs:     St. Joseph's Holy Cloak Package

Nose:  Nose Sticks

Nutritional:  Super Greens

Oral Health:  Wendy's Tooth Powder

Parasites:  Parasite Cleanse

Perfume (Natural):  All Natural Rose Perfume

                                  Wendy's Island Essence

Plague (epidemic):  Four Thieves Products

                                   Immune Booster

                                   St. Rocco Package

Poor Souls:   Pour Souls in Purgatory Package

Prayer Cloths:   Holy Innocents

Miraculous Image of The Child Jesus

                           See O' See (Child Jesus)

Pregnancy (conception):  Maca Mood

                                             St. Gerard Package


Preparedness:  Anti-Radiation Chip

                            Mini Survival Garden

                            Radiation Protection Combo


Radiation Exposure:  Seabuckthorn Oil

Rosaries:  St. Benedict Hematite

                   St. John Paul II Relic Rosary

Sacramentals (miscellaneous):  Chi Ro Case (with free blessed salt)

                                                       Pocket Prayer Swatch

                                                        St. Benedict Pyx with Exorcism Salt


Scapulars:  Brown Scapular

                     Green Scapular

                     St. Michael Scapular


Sinus & Respiratory:   Lung Revitalizer

                                       Mint Oil

                                       Sinus & Allergy Oil

Skin:  4 Thieves Goat Milk Soap

           4 Thieves Goat Milk Lotion

           4 Thieves Hand Balm

           4 Thieves Sanitizer

           4 Thieves Tallow

           4 Thieves Body Butter

           Beeswax Bandage

           Cucumber Aloe Face Polish

            Drawing Salve

           Eye Make Up Remover

           Healthy Skin Spray

           St. John's Wort Infusion

           Wendy's Daytime Facial Serum

            Wendy's Night time Hydrating Face Treatment

            Wendy's Raspberry Silk Facial Cleanser

Sleep:  Peaceful Sleep

             Relaxation Plus

             Sleepy Time Spray

Spiritual WarfareSpiritual Warfare Package

Stomach:  Tummy Tamer

Storm Protection:    St. Jodocus Package

Stress:  Adrenal Support
              Relaxation Plus
              Stress Away Spray
              St. Dymphna Package


Unemployed/ Underemployed:   St. Cajetan Package

Weight Loss:  Wendy's Complete Weight Loss Kit

                         St. Margaret of Cortona Package
                         Appetite Control Oil

                         Weight Control Tea

Wounds:  St. John's Wort Infusion


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We are here to HELP you...Mind, Body & Soul!