Family Pictures

    We'd like to get to know you better and let you get to know us better, as well!  We'd love to share our family with you!  We share throughout the day over on our FaceBook page....come on over and join us!  Click HERE!

    We will be adding more photo's on a regular basis! 

    God bless you from all the Cukierski's!  Walt, Wendy, Walter Jr. (daughter-in-love Therese and our grandsons David & Christopher), Weston, William, Wellsley, Wyatt, Wade, Waylan, Woodman, Walker, Wiley, Wilson and Whitman. 

    Walt and I.  Photo taken January 2016, on our front porch.


    Here are all our 13 blessings!  Yes, you saw that right!  12 boys and 1 girl. 
    Photo taken in our office, January 2016.

    Individual pictures to be uploaded, shortly :)



    The birth of my 2nd grandson, Christopher on 02-15-12.  We are now expecting our 3rd grandchild May of 2014!  Woohoo! 

    Must admit..I love being a mom of a large family and still having babies while having grandbabies!











    This is my oldest grandson, David.  He was celebrating his first birthday back in April of 2012!  How time flies!











    I can hardly bring myself to post this helps me to remember that I wasn't always thin.  This was taken at my oldest son's wedding in July of 2010. 

    I got the pictures back and was horrified.  I had been slim most of my life and this was a real wake up call.  My blood pressure had been going up, my blood sugar level was rising and I was starting to to have health issues.

    February 24th of 2011, I decided to make a life change.  I have since lost almost 100 pounds! 

    Every one asks how I did it.  You can see HERE.  I'm here to help YOU, too! 

    My heart is with the mamas who struggle with weight as I once did!



    We love to hike on our farm trails!

    The kids discovered a "MASTERpiece" as they called it! 

    They said "Look what God did!  Isn't that cool?"  My kids "get it".  I was impressed.



















    We will be adding more photo's soon!  God bless from all the Cukierski's!