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food4wealth boxFood4Wealth (and security!)

I sometimes forget that not everyone knows how to garden. 

I live on a farm and have been gardening since I could walk (or eat  It's second nature to me...but..some folks I've talked to wondered if radishes grew on bushes.  It was then that I knew I had to help..especially as our world gets more crazy. 

I'm not willing to rely on the grocery store 100%. 

I had a chance to speak to Jonathan several years ago.  He is not only a scientist..but a guru.

I highly recommend this ebook and video package for everyone...especially if you'd like to learn How To Grow Organic Food With Less Than 8 Hours Work A Year. This Is A Breakthrough Method And To Counter Food Security And Rising Costs.

After reading the ebook and watching the tutorial video's you will have everything you need to start growing. 

Even if you have grown gardens before, there is still something to learn.  In fact, I've been growing things since I was 2 years old and after 45 years of growing, I still learned some time saving (and possibly life saving!) things!

To learn more or to  get instant access to what just may save your life (and make it healthier, too!)  In fact, he will show you how to grow food that you can harvest every single day of the year, no matter where you live!  Now, I call that LIFE SAVING!  

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The Paleo Recipe Book


As most of you know, I lost almost 100 pounds and I've kept it off for several years now. 

There were several things I did to lose it without surgery.  The Weight Loss Kit (you can see it here along with pictures of my weight loss) I created was one of the tools and a change in diet was the other. 

What I did was use the items in my Weight Loss Kit and changed my diet to a Paleo diet and the weight started to roll off.

Now, I will admit that I tried the Paleo diet before and lost a little bit of weight. It wasn't until I combined it with my Weight Loss Kit (see here) that I lost more weight than some folks on the Biggest Loser! lol

If you have weight to lose, I recommend getting my Weight Loss Kit and THIS Paleo Recipe Book!

 Yeah, that was me at my oldest son's wedding back in 2010.  I was mortified at how much weight I had gained over the years. 

 Not only that, my blood pressure and blood sugar levels were climbing!  I was on my way to some serious health issues!

 On the right is a picture of me a year later in 2011. 


I have kept the weight off with the Paleo Recipes and  my Weight Loss Kit!  You can, too!

Note:  If you're serious about losing weight, you must first wrap your mind around it.  Nothing happens until we are "determined" to change!  Once you do that, I can help you with the tools mentioned above.  :) 

Click *Here* to read more about the recipes that helped me become a big loser :) !



The Ultimate Preparedness Library

With this Big can stop worrying about what you might do in the event of:

  • An Economic Collapse or Hyperinflation that would threaten your accessibility to food, clean water, medicine and other life-critical supplies.
  • A Long-Term Depression that slowly deteriorates the incomes and livelihoods of the majority of the population, rendering life as we have come to know it today a thing of the past.
  • A Natural Disaster that could damage the infrastructures and governments of entire cities or states, forcing people into mass evacuations or refugee camps.
  • A Rogue Attack in your town, city, or region that may take down the power grid, water utilities and transportation.
  • Nuclear, Chemical or Biological Fallout that forces you to shelter-in-place without emergency assistance and for an extended period of time.
  • Political Destabilization and breakdown in the rule of law, making emergency response wholly ineffective or virtually non-existent.
  • Organized Gangs and Criminals who will want nothing more than to take your supplies, or worse yet, your life.
  • A Personal Emergency that wipes out your income stream and forces you to make due with your skills and knowledge.

Over 100 Books, Guides, Manuals and Resources: Everything you ever needed to know about preparedness, living off grid, self reliance and survival. 

You can save a copy to your computer, tablet, cell phone or flash card - and if you're worried about the possibility of electronic devices failing during an emergency, you can print a hardcopy of every publication! 

We've prepared our family with all the information that you get in this huge library!  Each Guide or Manual is very easy to understand and covers nearly every topic or situation you can think of.  It just may be the difference between life and death in the future.

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 Save Your Christian Marriage



This book could save your marriage!

I am here to tell you that it can change.  In fact, I am here to tell you that your marriage can not only be restored, but can actually become the marriage of your dreams!

It's just too easy to do nothing.  And then another day, week, month, then year passes with only worsening issues.

Let's face it: we live in a culture that constantly calls us away from our marriage.  In fact, we live in a society that not only approves of divorce, it makes it way to easy to get.

But together, you and I can work to change that, saving one marriage at a time, starting with yours! Actually, it will be you, this eBook, and God making that change possible.

God has given us the tools we need to build strong marriages, to become "One Flesh." But it takes study, discernment, and practice to bring this approach to fruition.  You can take your beliefs, faith, and relationship to God to build your relationship.  This eBook will show you how! Click Here!

(NOTE:  The author is a very wonderful & Godly man and I've had a chance to communicate with him in the past.  He is a PhD. and a Rev.  That being said, I know that most of you who come to my website are Catholic.  He has such valuable information that truly does save marriages and I agree with 99% of this book.  Too valuable to throw out with the 1% I don't agree with when you are talking about the saving of a marriage.  That being said, I do recommend this!)


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