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    Walt & Wendy Cukierski and our entire family

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    “God bless you and your lovely family. You are a God inspired person. Your articles are so good and touch my heart, almost always. Your reward in Heaven will be great, as well as the rest of your family. Every soul you have saved through your efforts in your apostolate will be rewarded by Our Lord. He will not be outdone in anything. He knows your heart and He will reward you abundantly, perhaps not in this life, but certainly in the next.”
    - Roy Banes

    “Dear Wendy and Walt, Many thanks for the enlightening articles forwarded me daily, which I greatly appreciate and which I leave for some quiet moment in my hectic day to read and digest. Best regards to you both, and may God bless you and your little blessings.”
    - Dr. Mario Rosario Bonello

    “Dear Wendy, Just got back to work this morning and wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated these articles. With all the turmoil in my life right now I have found these types of messages so inspirational and hopeful. Thank you for taking the time to pass this along and for the prayers of your beautiful family. God Bless you!”
    - C.M. from NY

    "Dear Walt and Wendy, I have come back to the church because of your series. I thought you should know this. Keep up the good work. God is rewarding it."
    - Sincerely, Chris W. from NY

    "Dear Wendy, Thank you for the articles, they were wonderful. They touched my heart in a way that I thought was gone. I've been searching for something that would bring me peace Thank you for being there. Many, many blessings to you and your family."
    - Love and prayers, Sandy P

    "Now I am begging, pleading, for you to check this site out. I guarantee that you will be so glad that you did. And while you are there sign on for their "Free Spiritual Guidance Articles". These are beautifully written, so much so that not only have I started a 'File' for them on my computer, but print each and everyone out and keep in a binder so that if ever my computer crashes I will not have lost a single one of these great Articles."
    - Daniel

    "On June 19th of this year my wife passed to her reward. I was looking at some of your downloads (Spiritual Series) today that she had me print and think I will re-read them. They meant a lot to her although her diabetic condition affected her eyesight, and she had difficulty reading them toward the end. Just wanted you to know."
    - David Elphee

    "I am a personal injury lawyer and my days can be very stressful. I know that you had a desire to become a medical doctor and quite frankly, I think you are already a doctor - a doctor of the soul. God bless you, Wendy - MD of the soul!"
    - Andrew, Esq.

    "A beautiful Catholic family apostolate with a mission to promote faith, health and healing for the good of others and the greater glory of God."
    - Isabel Marcheselli

    "Have been a reader of Wendy's site for several years. It's a given every day for me to browse and soak up the wisdom and encouragement I find there. Would never have known many things had it not been for this little piece of grace among so many other clanging voices found online. Am forever grateful for having found it. Blessings on the Cukierski family."
    - Jane Cantu