All about Fasting

    There are 74 Biblical references to fasting. And recently, we were taken with the fact that Jesus said "WHEN" you fast..not "IF" you fast so we knew it must be very important.

    Although not always a welcome fact, fasting is to be a normal part of our spiritual life here on earth. 

    Why is Fasting so powerful?
    Fasting is powerful because it cleanses our soul and brings our flesh under control.

    Through fasting we can gain a deeper spirituality. It is a tool to obtaining a closer walk with God! It has the power to break the lower nature of our flesh and bring it under submission!


    Fasting with others is even more powerful!  I have "re-started" my weekly fasting for those in need of healing.  If you would like to join me, please drop me an email.  Because of my schedule, I fast from Wednesday at midnight until Thursday at midnight (on rare occasion, I do change the day).

    What is the definition of FASTING?
    Essentially it means to abstain from food either partially or completely. While starving our flesh, we are feeding our spirit! The Bible promises that when we undergo a fast then God will feed us with something far superior to our earthly food!

    What must you do?
    You must voluntarily abstain from food for a period of time (partially or completely). Some folks fast for 24 hours..others fast for days..even weeks. I always advise that you PRAY to find out what type of "fast" the Lord is calling you to.

    I have had many folks ask me what type of "fast" I do.  I do a "liquid" fast for 24 hours.  I do not eat anything solid and generally stick to water, black coffee, tea and sometimes a clear broth if I feel weak.

    Is Fasting Biblical?
    Fasting is very Biblical, in fact there are 74 references to it! You might say that the Bible gives fasting a high position of honor!

    Esther fasted for protection and Divine favor. Ezra fasted for direction and protection. Elijah fasted to combat Spiritual enemies. Daniel fasted to overcome the flesh and for spiritual breakthrough. The Disciples fasted for a powerful ministry!

    Even Jesus himself fasted! In Matthew 4:1-2 it states "Then Jesus was led into the desert by the Spirit to be tempted by the devil. He fasted forty days and forty nights...." There are many Spiritual Biblical reasons to fast.

    Why is it so important to fast?
    Your flesh (carnal nature) opposes God's Spirit and cannot yield. We can not find our true spirituality unless we bring the flesh under submission. It says in Roman 8:7-8 "The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so.  Those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God."

    The Miracle of fasting?
    Yes, the miracle! Throughout history, fasting has been known for its physical, mental and SPIRITUAL rejuvenation!

    Paracelsus the 15th century physician who established the role of Chemistry in Medicine said "Fasting is the great remedy, the physician within." Wise men throughout history have used "fasting" to heal the sick mind, the sick body and the sick SPIRIT!

    There are many other blessings that come with fasting. Alex Carrel, MD (and also a noted Scientist) states "The elimination of waste products by fasting increases longevity". If you ask me, that's a nice bonus!

    The Lord is INFINITELY wonderful and rewards our fast in many additional ways.

    Some of the benefits I have personally received are: the answer to important prayers, healing of sickness in our family, calmness, a natural euphoria (yes, you read that right! Depriving the flesh has its rewards!), extra energy, broke addictions, no more hunger pangs, weight loss, empowered ministry, healing of OTHERS that we have fasted and prayed for!

    Fasting will most definitely bless your life with a much deeper spirituality, longevity, healing, health and more!

    How Long should a person fast?
    Personally, I recommend once or twice a week. I have periodically fasted for many days at a time for spiritual breakthroughs.

    In the Bible, it mentions regular fasts. In Luke 18:11-12 The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. 1 I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’

    Many folks fast on Wednesday and Friday (The Didache is a Christian Manual that suggested these days).

    If you can not do a Wednesday and/or Friday, it is perfectly fine.  Because of my schedule, I had to choose a different day.  The point is that we NEED to do it.

    When should a person NOT fast?
    Believe it or not..there are times we are NOT to fast!

    If you read Mark 2:18-20 you will see that Jesus said that we are not to fast when the bridegroom is present..but when the bridegroom is gone, we are to fast. We do not recommend fasting on Sunday as the Lord is with us in a very special way!

    Also..If you are pregnant or NOT do a full fast. Instead, consider fasting from "goodies" or "television" or some other "non-essential".

    What do I eat or drink when I fast?
    There are many different types of "fasts". Usually, I do a liquid fast. If for some reason I feel too weak to carry out my parental duties and business obligations, I will add juice or broth. 

    Please note..if you are doing a water fast, do not go more than 2 or 3 days. I have received this warning from many Godly doctors.

    The bread and water fast seems to be the most common.  In the past, this is what I had done.  Because I follow a "Paleo" way of eating, I no longer do this.

    Some folks choose to do a partial fast. They abstain from one or two meals per day.

    Others prefer a "juice" fast (highly recommended if you need to be alert in your duties!). 

    Note:  Be aware of your sugar levels rising and falling. That is why we suggest juicing using a Vitamix which pulverizes the pulp, peel, etc. This dramatically slows the absorption of the natural sugars which will relieve the "ups and downs". If you do not have a Vitamix then use any juicer.

    Then there are the folks who can not fast for health or other reasons. They might consider fasting from "gossip" or "hurtful and harsh words" and work on "uplifting others". Or..perhaps fast from the television, internet, radio. Giving up "goodies" is also a form of fasting.

    Once again, PRAY about the type of "Fast" the Lord wants you to undertake.

    Final Words on Fasting.
    Spiritual fasting is powerful! We encourage you to start fasting with us .. you will be joining many others who have emailed us to let us know they are joining us! Encourage your friends and family to join us (email lists are a wonderful way of doing this!).

    Through Spiritual Fasting, our bodily ills can be healed, we can gain protection, combat spiritual enemies, overcome the flesh, intercede for our loved ones and have spiritual breakthroughs!

    Many will even experience the supernatural presence of God during their fast (I have!

    Be sure to undertake your fast "prayerfully" and you will notice that seemingly unsurmontable circumstances are miraculously resolved!