About the Cukierski Family

    A Bit About Our Family

    Who are the Cukierski's? 

    Well, first and foremost....being that the internet can be a very “cold” and “impersonal” place ... we would like to offer you a big WARM WELCOME!

    Now, let me take a moment to introduce you to our great, big family!

    This is a photo from January 2016, of Walt and me. 

    These handsome kids are our thirteen children (photo taken in our office, January 2016)

    Yes, you read that right, thirteen blessings.

    We are blessed with 12 sons and 1 daughter and have always been open to "life" so that number could change!   Yes, they are all our "biological" children.  

    We are also blessed with five grandsons!  Here I am with our grandson Christopher right after he entered this world!  --->

    All of us work together in our family business(s), lay Catholic ministry,  on our farm (raising Nigerian Dwarf milking goats, Heirloom-Free Range chickens), organic gardening and orchards, etc. Connecting with nature helps to keep us grounded...literally and figuratively!  Never a dull moment around here!

      Then there is Walt my husband. Along with being my marriage partner (and my hot date at least once a week, lol), we are also business partners.
    In addition to being my partner, he is a vocational archaeologist, and buyer of antique church and estate items.
    He is also an Antiquarian and Numismatist.
    Then there is me-Wendy. Since 1988 I have been changing diapers, chasing toddlers and in 1995 I added running our family business(s), author, speaker and overseer of our ministry/apostolate to that list of things I enjoy doing.

     In addition to having a passion for being a wife and mommy, I've always had a passion for medicine, nutrition and my faith. 

     As the majority of our kiddo's got older, I was able to take my passion for Functional Medicine, Natural Pharmaceuticals, Nutrigenetics, Nutrigenomics, Psychology, formulating products and my Catholic Faith and roll it all into one. 

    In 2010 I decided to branch out into formulating my own Natural Pharmaceuticals with the help of medical professionals, the response was phenomenal!

    The products worked extremely well and by word of mouth we grew like crazy! We were blessed to double our business and among our fans were many health care professionals.

    Things really began to roll and our customers (who are more like family to me...I hate the term "customer") started requesting that I formulate products for specific problems.

    One of the most often made requests was something that would aid folks with Weight Loss. I used this formulation and lost almost 100 pounds (may I add it is not a magic pill...you must make adjustments to your diet and I discuss this as well)!

    Moms were also asking for Natural Cosmetic products that weren’t toxic (you know..things that wouldn’t kill them) and Energy Boosters (Peppy Pill now available!) and a whole plethora of other items.  I've developed over 100 different formulations and currently seeking patents on several of them.

    I am in my “element” so to speak and loving every minute of it!  I feel truly blessed to be able to combine all my passions into helping others!

    Bottom line... I am HERE TO HELP with healing mind, body and soul! That’s what this website is all about!  

    WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY!  We would love it if you would be a part of it ;-)
    May God bless you!  Love and blessings, Wendy C.
    (PS...I'd love to get to know you better!  Come join me on my FaceBook Page where I am every day!  As one of our FB

    fans stated: "It's a daily inspiration, filled with common sense & humor. I love reading it"

    Come join us over HERE! ---->



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      I thought I'd share our 26th Wedding Anniversary Video (2013) with you.  See the man who gave me the confidence to do what I do, who supports what I do and who made me the "Mom of 13"!


    And for those who are trying to figure out how to pronounce our family name.....


    Yeah, it took me awhile, too! 


    Wendy CukierskiI'm also over on "LinkedIn" and have made many wonderful professional connections. You can join me over there as well. 

    Here is part of my profile from LinkedIn to clue you in on who we are professionally speaking.


    What Every Catholic Couple Should Know. Marital Sexuality, Birth Control and Natural Family Planning

    Authored by Wendy Cukierski.  Endorsed by Dr. Kim Hardey, Fr. E. Comeskey, BA, STL, Fr. Phil Bloom, Judie Brown of American Life League, Dr. J. Burnham


    Director of Cukierski Family Pediatric Giving Missions

    Our mission as a family is, “Reaching Hearts For Christ Through Meeting Physical Needs”

    You can learn more about our "Giving Missions" here.


    Doctor Trusted Code of Conduct Certificate


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    Affiliate members of:

    Catholic Medical Association

    American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists

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