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      Wendy's Healing Balm

      Wendy's Healing Balm

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      Sometimes you discover the most awesome cures when you aren't looking for them! 

      I gave myself a terrible burn.  My younger kids and grand kids were running around the kitchen while I was cooking.  I love having them near me so I never discourage them from playing in the kitchen when I'm cooking.

      Of course, there does come a time when they might get too close to the stove and this was one of those times.

      I was getting ready to pull the food from the oven when I turned around and saw two of them come charging towards the oven.  Grandma leaned in to block them from getting burned and OUCH...I got my wrist!

      Unfortunately, "sugar" wasn't the first word that rolled off my lips (oops)...but..I did manage to save them from getting burned.

      I went over to the sink and ran my wrist area under cool water (never use cold and never use ice cubes) for 10 minutes.

      It was definitely a 2nd degree burn.  I turned to my trusted Aloe Vera plant and applied liberally.  A few days later it was safe to start using something on it as it had formed a scab.

      I took my four thieves formula and mixed it with some healing things such as chickweed, chaparral, comfrey, calendula, etc.  What resulted was the most awesome healing balm ever!  I was my own guinea pig :)


      This worked phenomenally well!  My husband and all my kids can't believe how I ditched the Easter Egg burn and now I don't have any scar!  It healed that quickly!

      Because of the soothing and healing ingredients, it would definitely be good to use on just about any skin issue..diaper rash, irritated skin, eczema, minor cuts and scrapes &  more!

      I use it on everything around here :)
      Great to keep along your First Aid items!



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