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      Wendy's Body Spray & Herbal Deodorant

      Wendy's Body Spray & Herbal Deodorant

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      Smelling good while preventing colds and flus 100% Natural

      How it Works

      Unlike many anti-perspirants which contain aluminum and synthesized chemical ingredients, our deodorant does not! Our essential oil 4 thieves blend minimizes and neutralizes odors naturally by killing the bacteria that metabolize the proteins and fatty acids that occur in sweat.

      You'll love the fresh fragrance of our 100 percent natural ingredients . No nasty Phthalates or Parabens. Biodegradable formula. Use it as a body spray or an herbal deodorant and know that you not only smell great, you are being pro-active in preventing colds and flu!



      This formula contains the same powerful, germ-killing therapeutic grade essential oils as the Four Thieves Spray in a 2.5+ oz. spray bottle.

      How to Use It

      Spray deodorant mist directly under the arms as needed.

      CAUTION: Flammable. Keep away from heat or open flame.







      Did you know? It might be a surprise to learn that the antiperspirant most folks use daily is in fact an over-the-counter (OTC) drug. Antiperspirants work by clogging, closing, or blocking the pores with aluminum salts in order to prevent the release of sweat, effectively changing the function of the body. Antiperspirants are considered to be drugs because they affect the physiology of the body.


      Because antiperspirants are drugs, they are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Consequently, every antiperspirant sold in the US has a Drug Identification Number (DIN), which you can find on the label. A document called 'monograph' states requirements for categories of nonprescription drugs such as antiperspirants. It defines for example what ingredients may be used and for what intended use. If the standards of the OTC monograph are met, premarket approval of a potentially new OTC product is not necessary.


      A bit of background into how the Four Thieves Products we offer came about: In 1413, the bubonic plague decimated Europe. During that time, there were four thieves who robbed the dead and dying victims of the Black Death. When they were captured, they were told they must reveal how they resisted contracting the deadly plague. It was obvious that they had some type of special resistance. They explained that one of them was an herbalist and he revealed the special concoction of herbs that they rubbed on their clothes, hands,hair, face, etc. To prove is this was true, they were taken from prison and forced to bury the dead with the promise that if they lived, they would go free. They lived and everyone then knew it was true.

      In today's modern scientific world, it is known that most viruses, fungi, and bacteria cannot live in the presence of many essential oils, especially those high in phenols, carcacrol, thymol, and terpenes.

      All of Our "Grandma's Four Thieves Products" contain a THERAPEUTIC GRADE blend of those oils! A nearly identical blend was tested at Weber State University (1997) for its potent antimicrobial properties and found to have a 99.96 percent effectiveness rate against airborne bacteria.

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