Wendy's Body Butter

I fell in love with Body Butter's !  When I first heard someone mention "body butter", I was like..what?!  It sounded so weird.......until I tried it!  I buttered myself up good and never had one problem with dry skin all winter long!

Of course, in my typical "Wendy" fashion....I had to go and do research on the ingredients of the Body Butter I was using.  ACK!  It was anything but healthy!!  It was then that I decided to make my own and came up with this awesome Four Thieves Body Butter.  You can feel good using it because it won't kill you..lol.  Our skin is our biggest organ and when we slather on toxic creams and lotions, we are absorbing those toxins right into our system! 

What is Body Butter? It is heavier than creams and lotions, as it has less water in it. This is due to the fact that it is made from nutrient-rich ingredients, body butter is used to hydrate and protect the skin.  This Four Thieves Body butter I formulated is a superb, hydrating moisturizer that has a thick yogurt like texture.

How is it made?  To create this protective and hydrating lotion,  the Shea nut is ground up to release its oil. The oil is then extracted from the pulp and mixed with other ingredients, in this case we used the Four Thieves Essential Oils.

The Shea butter we use is created from Shea nuts which has high levels of vitamins A, E and F. These vitamins help to keep the skin moisturized and clear, plus they help to protect and rejuvenate the skin.  Shea body butter can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and is beneficial for many skin complaints, including sun-damaged skin and some skin conditions, such as eczema.

What do I use it on?  You can use it all over your body! It is great for legs, arms, feet, chest, back (not recommended for face).  It's for the super, super dry folks!  It works especially well on your elbows and legs after shaving! You will feel super soft after using it!

What are the benefits? There are many different benefits to using body butter over using creams and lotions!  The Natural body butter I formulated is made using only natural ingredients, which are much better for your skin and your body in general. It also contains a higher level of emollients, which are absorbed into the skin and keep it moisturized. The Body butter forms a protective layer over the skin, helping reduce the effects of the sun and hot and cold air. Many folks find that their skin is much softer and less prone to cracking or becoming inflamed when they use body butter.  Many with skin conditions such as eczema find it as a huge source of relief!


A bit of background into how the Four Thieves Products we offer came about: In 1413, the bubonic plague decimated Europe. During that time, there were four thieves who robbed the dead and dying victims of the Black Death. When they were captured, they were told they must reveal how they resisted contracting the deadly plague. It was obvious that they had some type of special resistance. They explained that one of them was an herbalist and he revealed the special concoction of herbs that they rubbed on their clothes, hands,hair, face, etc. To prove is this was true, they were taken from prison and forced to bury the dead with the promise that if they lived, they would go free. They lived and everyone then knew it was true.

In today's modern scientific world, it is known that most viruses, fungi, and bacteria cannot live in the presence of many essential oils, especially those high in phenols, carcacrol, thymol, and terpenes.

All of Our "Grandma's Four Thieves Products" contain a THERAPEUTIC GRADE blend of those oils! A nearly identical blend was tested at Weber State University (1997) for its potent antimicrobial properties and found to have a 99.96 percent effectiveness rate against airborne bacteria.

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