Wendy's Beeswax Bandage

Create an instant "healing" bandage!  

Instantly seals and protects cuts and wounds from water, dirt, germs and prevents dryness while promoting healing! Reduces pain, redness and swelling, too!

Especially useful on areas where it may be impossible to keep on ordinary bandages.

SO WHAT'S IN IT YOU ASK?  An all natural healing herbal combination!  Made with bees wax and apricot kernel oil as the carriers. Apricot kernel oil carries the healing herbs into the wound while beeswax covers the wound with a breathable, waterproof, flexible and protective coating.  It's also infused with healing comfrey and packed with powerful essential oils (including our Four Thieves Blend!)

No Scabbing, No Scarring with continual use! 

HOW I USE IT:  We use it all the time and love it!  Especially super for those times a kid has a cut and wants to swim..normally the band aid ends up in the filter :)  Or...bathtub time with band aids...not so pretty.  This works so much better as it not only covers, it stays, seals and heals!

OTHERS USING IT FOR MEDICAL REASONS:  We were also told that it has helped a few folks with diabetes as their skin was fragile and an ordinary bandage hurt them. 

WHO SHOULD USE IT?  Everyone!  Good for the elderly, the very young (that might eat the bandage!), those with skin conditions and for people like me who aren't the best with knives..rotfl :)  Of course, we should seek medical help if we get a major wound...fortunately, I just nick myself and have found this to be awesome (no scars!) 

Tuck this away in your First Aid Kit (or keep it on the counter like I do...constant use!)

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