Seeds-Double Standard Organic Corn

(Currently being replaced with Montauk sweet corn, which has similar qualities and we love it!)

Non GMO and organic!

The first open-pollinated bicolor sweet corn.

Early maturing, with strong germination in cool soil.
This hardy corn was developed for northern home gardeners, especially seed-saving enthusiasts.
It is based on a nice yellow corn called Burnell that was grown in Maine in the early 1900's, and an early white heirloom from New York's St. Lawrence Valley.
Nicely 7", ears with 12–14 rows of yellow and white kernels, some ears with yellow kernels only.
Excellent traditional corn taste. Vigorous 5' plants.
33 seeds per package
Planting:  Sow 3/4-1" deep, 6-7" apart (or 2 seeds every 9", thinning to 1 plant), rows 30-36" apart.

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