St. Benedict Hematite Rosary

This Hematite Rosary will be Anointed with Exorcism Oil as our gift to you!

Hematite is a very popular gemstone and perfect for this type of rosary. The name hematite comes from "ema" in Greek, meaning "blood" and it is Jesus shed His blood for the remission of sins! How symbolic!

This rosary is made with the special St. Benedict Exorcism Medal that is very POWERFUL!

A Franciscan named Father Dominic Szymanski (a one time companion of St. Maximillian Kolbe) was working with a Benedictine priest, when Fr. Dominic asked the Benedictine if he was wearing the medal of St, Benedict. The Benedictine responded, "Yes, I am." Father Szymanski told him that he saw the devil in the form of a blue light going around him in circles, and that the evil spirit was unable to touch him because he was wearing the medal! It is just as powerful if the rosary is carried.

The hematite rosary beads are a nice small oval...not big and clunky.  Feels great in the hand.  It also has the St. Benedict Crucifix. Both of these contain the actual words of Exorcism.

A FREE Holy Card will be included!

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